I think I’ll probably be off for the rest of the day. Hopefully, back up tomorrow. Maybe this injection will leave me fine. If not, I’ll take a couple of days leave and rest a bit. At least COVID-19 will be off my table of worries!. I can then move my worries to “everything else.”

Have a great day!

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  1. Hope the second shot went well. We didn’t have any issues with Pfizer, but a good friend was pretty sick for about 24 hours. Bottom line – two shots equal a much better chance of surviving it if we do get it. Stay well.


  2. Glad that you have number two out of the way. Any word on when Owen can get them?


  3. Hope it all got well! Best wishes, and take care! Michael


  4. Good luck, Marilyn! Husband and I get our 2nd shots this week. I will be glad to be done with it, too.


  5. I hope you are fine, Marilyn. Glad you’ve had both now and I know Garry has had both too.

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  6. At last! I had my 2nd injection about three weeks ago. Reaction was mild……very slight headache and nausea for about fifteen minutes and a sore arm for a week. Hope yours will be mild, too.


  7. All the best Marilyn

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