I have such a wonderful collection of homegrown orchids and anthurium growing right now. The cactus keeps considering flowering, but then doesn’t. I think there is too much sun for it to bloom and probably it will wait until the late autumn. It got confused by the cold, late spring, but after throwing a few blossoms, it retreated to just looking healthy, but not blooming. It is, however, growing like crazy. Finally, after repotting it and waiting a year for it to finally get comfortable with its own new root system, it looks healthy. Patience, patience. That’s the ticket.

Anthurium with a touch of Norfolk Island Pine
The new orchids
Third blooming for these orchids!

FOTD – May 12 – Homegrown Blooming

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  1. These are wonderful photos Marilyn 😀


  2. What lovely plants! Obviously, your household is ‘nature indoors’! ☺


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