The first, unmistakable sign of spring is the eruption of pollen. It looks like it’s snowing, but it’s green. There’s a point in the season when everything is covered in green. The car, the house, the fences, the ground.

Winter with down comforter

Right now, according to the weather people, we are sky-high in the pollen department. We are patiently waiting for the leaves to fully develop. That will usually bring the pollen back to normal levels and breathing can recommence. I can hardly wait.

The next big event occurred this morning. I woke up and realized it was finally time to change from the winter comforter to lighter covers. Not the super light one. The middle level. Notice how simple life has become? You know when changing the bed is a big deal, the throbbing excitement of life has waned.

I’ve been putting it off because nights were still cold and I may yet regret the change, but we did it and it’s nice to have the room look different. If nothing else, the change of season brings a change of bed coverings. In recent years, I’ve actually gotten into bright, Mexican-style bedding because it’s bright and cheery.

Spring has sprung

We have one more covering to go: a very light covering that makes you feel tucked in without making you warm. This will wait for real summer. Meanwhile, today is lovely and is probably the nicest day we’ll have this week, or so they assured us last night.

It is a lovely day. Bright and sunny. I even saw some bird who weren’t cowbirds, though the hungry young squirrels have been ravaging the feeders.

At the beginning of June, the feeders will come down and not go back up until the middle of August. It’s time for the big birds to find natural food. Also, I feel obliged to remind my feathered friends that they are wild birds and should remember how to forage. Right now, foraging means waiting for us to deliver dinner (and breakfast and lunch). If I were eternal, no problem. But I’m not and one day, they will have to deal with the wild again.

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