FOTD – October 12 – Oh my! Foliage!

This was probably not the best day to discover my SD card reader was malfunctioning. As photographers, we worry about cameras and lenses. The little widgets we use to connect one thing to another tend to get forgotten. Until they stop working. This computer, for unknown reason, doesn’t have an SD card slot. Even Garry’s cheapo Lenovo has one, but this expensive, high-end gaming computer has none.

I almost returned it because of that missing slot, especially since the advertising said it included an SD card slot. In the end, the idea of having to restart the whole decision-making process involved in buying a computer was overwhelming, so I kept this one. Except for its lack of ports, it’s a great computer. Mostly.

Meanwhile, I have at least a dozen SD card readers. They are small and inexpensive. Easy to lose. They don’t last forever and sometimes (like today) I am shocked to discover they aren’t working at all.

Some of the card readers I’ve bought won’t work from the get-go or are too big for any available surface. They dangle from cords, but a laptop has no place to put them. These widgets are hard or impossible to use with a laptop. Some don’t work particularly well and are too big and dangly — unless you’re using a desk. The thing is, most laptops are used on laps. I think that’s the point unless I’m missing something.

None of Garry’s pictures from yesterday or today showed up on the card. Yesterday, I thought it was me accidentally deleting them, but today when he came home and said he’d taken pictures — and when I looked, the card was blank — I realized the problem wasn’t me. It was either the camera or the card. I was really hoping it wasn’t the camera and fortunately, it was the card reader. So it was a $20 fix for a new card reader.

Kind of Shakespearian really. For want of a horseshoe nail, the kingdom was lost. Okay, not a kingdom. Just photographs, but you get the point, right?

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    • There are a lot more parks around than we regularly visit. A few are so difficult to find because they aren’t on the maps — dirt road and they hide in the woods. There are also a lot of dams and falls along the road, but there’s nowhere to safely park. I don’t think you can live in the valley and ever be more than a quarter of a mile from a river, dam, stream, or lake. You often can’t tell the river is there except in the fall when the trees are much brighter along the river.


  1. Modern technology is great – when it works! Lovely to see those glorious autumn colours coming in. Super shots, as always. 🙂


    • I got most of it working again and I’m waiting for a new card reader. Windows 11 is out and my computer is not upgradeable (doesn’t have a fast enough motherboard). Probably fine because I also can’t afford a new computer. To me, this IS a new computer! How can a three year old computer be too old? That’s ridiculous.

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      • I’m completely with you on the computer thing, Marilyn. Them aging so quickly seems insane. My computer is four years old now so I’m facing the same problems, and I’m aparently going to need a new one to do my MA. Crazy. That’s also going to be hard as Stuart lost his job last year during the pandemic, so affording one is not going to be easy, especially when the tech companies keep finding excuses to make them more expensive. It is, indeed, ridiculous.


        • I simply can’t afford a new one. Also, I love the newer solid state drives they’re using, but they are HALF the size of the older drives. I can’t fit all my photographs on my 1 TB. I also have a smaller SSD which runs the OS and a few applications.

          INTEL sent me a “look” at their range of new ones (they are making the motherboards and cores, of course) so there are quite a few that would be (almost) affordable, but the drives are much too small. I’m just going to keep using this as long as a can. Fortunately, my computer seems to be just fine and I know Microsoft is planning to keep supporting Win10 for years, so maybe we won’t have to buy something new.

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          • That’s something then, and it’s good that Microsoft are going to support Win10 for a while. Computers are a minefield, aren’t they? Do you ever wish you still used film? 🙂


    • We are a very watery area. The rivers wind through towns and fields and you are never more than a quarter mile away from a river, stream, lake, or something very wet — including a LOT of wetlands. In fact, we live on what is considered wetlands, so we couldn’t build on most of our property if we wanted to. It is protected — probably only until some developer offers the town enough money and suddenly, it won’t be protected.

      Even we have a \pond back in our woods. We’ve never visited it because there is no path. My granddaughter tried to get there in a four-wheeler, but she hit a rock and boke her arm. So much for visiting that part of the woods — and she sold the 4-wheeeler. Our woods was not meant for wandering!


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