CFFC: Twisted or Squiggly

I have no idea what I’ll find in my huge collection of pictures I can’t find no matter what I do — and WordPress’s “fix” of the media library has made finding many things outright impossible. That being said, I’m going to give it a try and see what I come up with! Something, I hope.

Twisted vines on the old tractor
Gourds are definitely twisted

There are more but I can’t find anything and I get frustrated trying to find photographs in the media so-called library. Before they fixed it, I could eventually find anything. Now? I’m lucky if I find the same item twice. Oh well. Since no one is going to fix anything properly, there is no point in bothering to complain.

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  1. brilliant photo’s…..I especially love the pumpkins!


  2. Congratulations! I have featured your post in CFFC this week.
    I sure hope you have a wonderful week.

    CFFC: Candid Photography


  3. Oh I love that twisted collection. I also have a watering hose I simply cannot untwist… I lay it flat on the ground when it’s all done, but taking it up for the next watering, it beds and twists into a wild naughty thing.
    Love those incredible gourds – just magic, both in form and colour.


  4. Your gourds are perfect. Actually all your photos are perfect for the week. 😀


  5. All nice, but I love the gourds!


  6. Twisted, like my sister! Those gourds!


  7. Some excellent interpretations of the theme here. How have you managed to make a simple rope on a boat look so appealing? And those gourds are another superb calendar candidate for October. 🙂


    • No matter what you do with cables and ropes, they are ALWYAS tangled. It doesn’t matter how carefully you coil them. In the end, you are going to have to untangle them. I know a lot of people who deal with cables and ropes. Boater and anyone dealing with large-scale electronic equipment like TV cables, cables for floor cameras, sound boards, microphones, lighting. You name it and it has lengths of wires and cords or ropes. I have been assured they are ALWAYS tangled. Just look at just the wires you use for camera chargers and other widgets. ALWAYS tangled.

      As for gourds, who decided to create a vegetable entirely for its appearance? I can’t think of any other vegetable that’s not meant for eating, just decorating.

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      • Cables are a bit like coathangers in that respect then. They’re always tangled too. You’ve still managed to make this rope look glamorous and evocative though, so well done there.
        Good point about gourds. It does seem a mad idea.


  8. These are great pictures, Marilyn.



  1. CFFC: Candid Photography – Cee's Photo Challenges
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