Our Past is Crystal

The bright memories of our past is getting a little fuzzy, so I’m very glad I have photographs. It may be the best of the best things we get from our pictures, that very local history of our world, our family, friends, neighborhoods.

My son bought be an annual birthday present: Photoshop and Lightroom. I’m going to have to spend some time figuring out how they work and making sure I set it up the way I want it.


We suffer from a very erratic, underperforming and overpriced ISP. One of the main reasons I have resisted moving to a cloud based system — the new PS and LR — is because I want to be able to access photographs even if we don’t have a good connection — or no connection.

It’s the same reason I still buy CDs and DVDs. I want to own my own software and media. I want to own things that are important to me. I really hoped Photoshop would go back to producing some version of itself that comes on a disc, but obviously that’s not happening.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Still, I’m going to need some time to figure this out and I’m not as enthusiastic about it as I probably ought to be.

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  1. 🌹❤🦜🦋😀


  2. Incredibly, you can still get some stuff on CDs. In the case of Adobe and Corel that’s probably a good idea because at some point things are going to screw up and everything will need to be re-installed. I’ve found it can be a bit of a pain to jump through the hoops to download it again. With the CD, no problem.

    Photoshop is good. I know that. But I’ve used Corel stuff for years. It works fine and are easier to use than Adobe (though I haven’t compared for a long time). I did work as a Graphic Designer in small printing firms for 7 years and I still use Corel weekly for my blog images. I don’t robotically upgrade (?) every year like I used to because there’s not much difference from year to year. Every 3 years if fine. I don’t 600 dollars on it either – I’m able to find something within my budget.


    • I spent all day just cleaning out enough stuff from my computer so I could learn some of this stuff. I’m not entirely happy about this either, but I have a few weeks to make a decision. Step one was making some room on my hard drive.

      I hate new software. If I can use the old stuff, that’s fine. the best thing about this is that it will work on both my computers.


  3. Good luck, Marilyn! I’m sure you’ll figure it out! ❤


    • I spent ALL day trying to make some space on my computer and I managed to win back 40 more gigs. But I need to remove more. Like another 100 gigs at least. I shouldn’t let the drives get this full, but I hate this kind of insanely dull reorganization.


  4. Wunderful photos! Thanks for sharing, and have a nice rest of the week! xx Michael


    • I have made ZERO progress with the application because I’m still trying to figure out how to regain some room on my hard drive. Remember when a gigabyte was a lot of space? Sigh.


  5. Good luck with it all, and fabulous photos in meanwhile 😀


    • I have made no progress in regain enough room on my hard drive to do much of anything. I think I need to remove more material. I have it all backed up, but it’s so much more convenient to have it all on the computer itself.


      • External hard drive is the way to go for your photos I’d say. So still convenient but won’t affect the running of your computer


        • I have two SSD for the PC. I need one more for the Mac. I haven’t been using the Mac very much. Maybe with some graphic software, it will get more use? I bought it really because it weighs as close to nothing as any computer can, but it has a pretty small SSD, so I will have to use an external. Boyoboy, remember when half a terabyte was a HUGE amount of space?



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