Living in New England, we have considerable amounts of wintry weather than other places. You live in New England and snow is part of the package. The past three years have not been “serious” winters, but before that, we had winters that rivaled Siberia for intensity of cold and depth of snow. The two biggest months for blizzards are January and February, We are right on time!

We’ve had blizzards as early as the beginning of December and as late as early April. This is going to be a big one — not inches, but feet of snow — the biggest snowfall in several years. The governor just “closed the roads” tomorrow. It’s going to be a snow day for one and all. A bitterly cold snow day at that.


The past few years have been relatively mild with no major snow events. We’ve had some snow, but it would warm up and melt in a few days. This time, it’s cold. It has been very cold for a few weeks, so this big storm might hang around a while. I’d be happier if it warmed up and the snow vanished quickly.


These pictures were not shot in black and white or converted from color to monochrome. This is how our world looks in mid-winter. Except for sunrise and sunset, it’s a monochrome world.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Expect more photographs — but maybe not until Sunday since it’s supposed to drop as much as four inches per hour all day tomorrow. That really IS a lot of snow — and the snow is already starting, so that’s just the really heavy part. I don’t think any of my boots are tall enough!

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  1. I know, I know. When I lived in New Brunswick we’d get ‘snowed in’ at least once every Winter. Couldn’t even get out of our driveway. Those Winter storms on the East Coast? I don’t miss ’em.


    • I could live without them too. I mean, it’s nice that the weather is really New England. I think everyone has drawn a sigh of relief. We were all wondering if cold winters were gone for good. But my bones would be very happy to never deal with winter again. Ever.


  2. Great winter post. And how about the forecast for 50 degrees on Thursday? We didn’t get a January thaw this year, maybe February will make up for that? A girl can dream.


    • I’m hoping the jump to warmer will melt this down so we can go directly from wild snow to mud. I don’t like the snow, but I really HATE the mud! Garry and Owen took pictures. I’m going to see what they got. It looks like fog out there. This is a LOT of snow.

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  3. Stay warm and safe


  4. Oh wow! That’s a lot of snow


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