CBWC: Cold, Chilly, or Chili

We had our last really big snow in 2018 when we — here in Worcester County — got just over three feet (a meter) of snow. Tonight we start another big snow event. Depending on a lot of things such as a shift in the wind or a drifting cloud, it could be epic. Or not. Guess we’ll find out! 

Field of snow – Photo: Garry Armstrong
The Blackstone River in March. Not just chilly — very COLD
Black & White

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  1. We had that record Heat Wave. And we had a cold spell recently that at one point I didn’t leave the house for 5 days. Everybody was in lockdown. Right now we’ve had a week of Chinook (warm winds) and most of the snow is melted! ‘Interesting Times”? We’ve got ’em in Spades. And sometimes shovels.


  2. Both yours and Garry’s photo look COLD. 😀 😀


  3. Winter always looks so magical

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