A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs

Miss Mendon was resurrected from an original Worcester Dining Car and turned into a diner just down the road from us. Nathan’s Hot Dogs in Coney Island is the original Nathan’s and the hot dogs — and other food — you get there are much better than the pre-packaged versions of their food sold in groceries.

Neon at the Miss Mendon Diner
The original Nathan’s at Coney Island
This is Worcester County’s oldest neon sign. Lunch has been served here since 1918, but the sign and it’s current interior date to 1929

And finally, George’s Coney Island Hot Dogs is a huge sign with dripping mustard — the biggest neon sign in the state and absolutely the oldest, since 1918. It’s also a very nifty place for lunch — and photographs. The place is still run by the same family who opened it. She is the granddaughter of the original owners and if you live anywhere in the area, EVERYONE knows where George’s Coney Island is!

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  1. Those are all amazing antique signs. Great response!


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