I woke up early. I wanted to sleep. My spine wanted me to get up and move around. Which in the end, I had to do. This battle between body parts is an ongoing thing since forever. It depends on how many broken parts you have.

Being up early, I wandered into the living room which these days has become Studio A in my art studio. I felt like drawing. I wanted to finally get a good set of Goldfinch.

Three Goldfinch

I had to use two different photographs because in one photograph, the third Goldfinch had his head stuck in the feeder. He looked beheaded. I found the next picture in that folder and I liked it better. It was also much brighter. So these are not the best-ever drawing of goldfinch, but they nice birds, y’know?

More is on the way!

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    • They aren’t perfect — and I didn’t get the wing markings exactly right, but they don’t all look the same (no matter what the books say) — AND they look different at different times of the year. Overall, though, I think they look like three goldfinches on a feeder. And now that the feeders are back up, the finches are coming back too.

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  1. This is a lovely drawing


    • I enjoyed finally getting three goldfinch that look the right colors — which are NOT always the same — and basically look like goldfinch. The thing is, the do look sometimes very different depending on the season — and the females frequently don’t have the same markings as the boys. They don’t always blaze with color the way the males do. AND some males have a black face mask or a black cap atop their little yellow heads. The wing bars can be very sharp and clear but not always. These three really didn’t look the same. The one on the right at the top, for example, was completely yellow everywhere (including his face) except for his wings, but the one at the bottom had a white tummy and only the front part of his wings were marked. The rest of the wing was gray.

      They keep changing color all year round, too. They get that brilliant golden color only during breeding. They are late breeders and for reasons you’d best find out by asking the goldfinches in a private interview, they fly up to Canada (Ontario) to breed. They come back at the beginning of December and by then have turned dull yellow or even a light olive green and sometimes, entirely lost their wing bars. It has taken me years to realize that books are a reference, but they don’t answer all ones questions. Only the birds could do that and they aren’t talking 😀

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