CBWC: Capturing the Photographer

Garry takes a lot of pictures of me taking pictures. I take as many of him as I can, but as often as not, he already has his camera pointing my way. Sometimes, we take each other taking pictures of each other.

Photo: Garry Armstrong
Black & White

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  1. Love the use of monochrome.
    All the detail and feeling without the distraction of color.

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  2. I seeing the two of you out on photo shoot days. 😀 😀

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    • Last night, they promised us some warm sunny weather this coming week, so if we can, we are going to try and hunt for some new places to shoot. So many of the places that are beautiful just aren’t on the map, so we’ll just have to get in the car and drive around and hope we find something interesting. We can’t do too much of it since the price of gasoline has gone a bit insane, but we can at least travel through the valley.

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