It was warm this morning. I could touch the glass and tell that it was the same temperature outside as inside. I opened the window and peeked around to see how the feeders were doing. The hanging feeders which were about half full last night were dead empty. Not a seed remaining.

Brown-Headed Cowbird — a very young one

As I watched a red squirrel in a state of mad indecision trying to decide if he wanted more to eat or maybe it was time to leave, I pondered the total emptiness of the feeders every morning.

We had been blaming the Brown-Headed Cowbirds for eating everything, but suddenly, I had a sneaking suspicion we were blaming the wrong creature. It wouldn’t be the first time, either. I doubted it was all the baby Goldfinches or even the woodpeckers .

The flying squirrels are back. They never eat from the flat feeders. They cling and perch on the hanging feeders. We bought food yesterday and the price has doubled since inflation has ballooned. Much as I love those little furry gliding squirrels, I simply can’t afford to feed them. They clean out the feeders every night, so we are going to have to start bringing in the hanging feeders at night.

I don’t know why I assumed they weren’t going to bother these smaller feeders. I hoped the perches were too small for them or maybe they would reject the yellow color.

Not a chance. So starting tonight, the feeders have to come inside. We tried putting them on the deck, but that didn’t even slow them down. It may have just made getting to the food easier.

So it’s nice that we have these lovely gliding squirrels, but at $100 a month, there is a limit to what we can do. Sorry lovely flyers. We can’t afford you this year.

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  1. Marilyn, your pictures are amazing. What beautiful birds. Particularly capturing the flying food stealers at night. It’s too bad they drain the feeders and pocketbook. I get it!


    • We used to use a huge 10 pound feeder, but they emptied it every night. I really regret not being able to feed everything, but we live — barely — on social security. They are also very sweet little squirrels and make very good pets — easily tamed. They like living in your pocket.

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