It was a long wait, but I am patient. With orchids, you don’t have a choice. if you aren’t patient, you won’t see them blooming. The buds came and grew bigger every day. This morning, the first orchid bloomed. There are a lot more buds, but this first one is a beauty.

I always feel like it’s some kind of special magic when my orchids bloom after sleeping for a year. Today was magic.

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  1. That’s gorgeous, very sculptural! I’d be curious to see it in B&W too 🙂


    • Orchids are indeed very sculptural and kind of sexy in a floral way. There’s a lot of design going on in the middle of the flower. Dots and stripes and cross-hatches. I’ve got another fat bud, so I’m hoping it pops open tomorrow. It’s sunny today, so I’m optimistic 😀


  2. Oh my! 😍 How gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos!


    • You’re will probably get very tired of them because I take LOTS of pictures of them. I’m so proud that they have deigned to flower for me. I feel honored. Of course, there’s not very much to it except a lot of patience, NOT watering it much, and popping some orchid fertilizer into the pot when it starts to grow after its long winter’s sleep. And having the right light.

      The way our house is set on the property, the back of the house faces northeast and the front faces southwest. We get very little sun on the front of the house. Even in the back, because of all those trees, we only get filtered sunshine once the trees have leaves, so any plant that needs a lot of sun won’t do well here. Fortunately, orchids don’t need a lot of sun.

      There are a lot of plants I can’t grow and I don’t try because I’ve already failed. If you don’t have the right light, there’s no point in trying. You’ll just get frustrated.

      I got lucky with the orchids — and even luckier that Garry’s brother kept sending them so I wound up with three nice ones. One of them never blooms because there are other plants in the same pot and all of them need more water than do the orchids, but the other two usually flower just about now. The flowers last a long time. If you can wait for them to make healthy buds, you usually get months of flowers.


  3. Gorgeous pictures, Marilyn.


  4. so beautiful. I always come close to giving up, and they surprise me!


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