My son brought home another orchid. I think that is it for room on my indoor garden table. I wish I could find another window, but this house isn’t set up very well for window lighting. It’s a bit frustrating because there was a time when I had hundreds of plants and flowers growing in my house. It looked like a nursery and it was beautiful. It took a lot of work to maintain it and I don’t think I’d ever go quite that big again, but I wouldn’t mind a few more.

These pictures, because of the nature of the plants in the pictures, show the bokeh and the sharper focus in the same picture, depending on the location of the branch and the flower grouping. These mini orchids are lovely and they look natural. I don’t think they have been injected with dye, so if I can keep them alive, I believe they will come back looking much the same as they do today.

Bokeh in front

Bokeh does not always need to be behind the primary image. The front image can be soft while the image behind it is sharp. Where you place the softer part of the picture depends on what you are choosing to emphasize. In portraits, bokeh is almost always in the background, but in landscape and gardens, it can be reversed.

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  1. How lovely Marilyn! And you’re so right about bokeh positioning. Beautifully shown.


  2. These are beautiful photos of a beautiful plant. How wonderful is that!


  3. Lovely colours on those orchids, beautifully captured.

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  4. These orchids are amazingly delightful šŸ™‚

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