CBWC: Anything with wheels

So many wheels in so many places! In living black and white, many wheels.

Old fire truck wheel
Jeep steering wheel
Working on a farm
Wagon wheels on a wagon
View through a bicycle wheel – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Miniature steam engine
Black & White

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  1. Love working in black and white although nowadays it’s on the computer.

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    • The pictures come out better — or at least, different — if you shoot in black & white originally. All my cameras can shoot in black & white or sepia and white, but I’m never sure what I’m going to do with the photograph later. So I shoot in color, keeping my options open.

      Some stuff looks better in black and white including dramatic portraits and anything with a lot of texture and contrast. Other things are more difficult, especially landscapes and flowers. I do them sometimes, usually for a challenge, but mostly, I like nature in color. Except in winter when everything is black & white anyway 😀

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  2. Garry, you win the prize for most creativity. I love the photo with the wheel and people. These are remarkable photos from both of you 😀

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    • Garry had to lay flat on the ground to get those shots (there were three of them). He was very proud of them. He really loves doing artistic stuff, but he’s 80 and all the bending and crouching is difficult for him. I know what he means!

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