Another pretty little bird who is the sweetest and loudest singer in the woods. I can always hear the Carolina Wrens long before I see them. They didn’t used to come to the feeder, but now, like every other bird, they show up for three solids a day.

This incredibly sweet singer is welcome to all our seeds and suet. He makes the woods ring with song — and he is so tiny. Big voice box for one little bitty bird.

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  1. Jenny Wren’s are among my favorite small birds in the UK.
    Incredibly tenacious little creatures.


    • And what amazing songs they sing! We had them arriving every spring for years, but I could never find them in all the leaves and branches. Then last year, they started to show up at the feeder and this year, they didn’t migrate. Changing weather. They stayed the winter because they had food every day. I never realized how important feeding them was going to be until I starting doing it and reading about it.

      I wanted to add their song, but Cornell doesn’t give you a handle. But you can look for it. They are great singers.

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  2. A handsome bird


  3. This is wonderful, Marilyn. So glad you are still drawing….


    • I didn’t quit, but I had to give that right wrist and hand a breather. It’s already a pretty tired paw. Too many keys on keyboards of pianos, typewriters, and computers. Now, add drawing? My hand screams “NOoooo…” at which point, I give it a few days off and it rebounds. If I’m careful, I and it will survive.


      • But this is your work, right? You did it before?


        • I did some before, but I never worked at it and it was more advanced doodles than really drawing. I was pretty sure I COULD do it if I made an effort, so this is my effort. I had zero technique. I still don’t have any technique because I’ve never taken a course or even a class or two. It’s why I’m so skittish about trying other media. I know I can usually control a pencil or a pen. I can’t say the same for brushes. And there’s something about the texture of oil pastels I find rather unpleasant.

          I am going to have to try paint and brush soon, though. I need colors I can’t get using pencils. I also need the kind of brightening you can get with paint.

          My mother painted. She almost always had an easel up somewhere in the house. She painted anyone who would sit still long enough for her to make a basic sketch. She never moved to acrylics, probably because they were just coming into their own as she was getting to the end of her life. She was very artsy. She had a kiln and a potter’s wheel. She hooked rugs and she made really incredible clothing. I didn’t appreciate it back then. Later, I realized what amazing clothing she had made for me. Kids don’t appreciate looking unique. I sure didn’t.


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