And here we are. At Delta gate C5 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The flight is two hours late — so far. Delta has been a mess and not just for us. Pretty much for everyone. Late flights, cancelled flights, broken connecting flights.

The flight crews look tired and frazzled, but so do the passengers. We are all in the middle of a mad Mel Brooks comedy and we didn’t even get the read the script in advance.

I got some strange and interesting pictures of last night’s eclipse. This computer doesn’t have photo processing software on it. Well, it does, but I don’t know how to use any of it so it will wait until I get home. For reasons I’m sure someone who’s into Mac stuff would know (but I don’t), Garry’s iPad and this MacBook Air are both connected via a hotspot in our iPhone. I’m sure someone could explain it, but I think I’m too tired to absorb it.

Both concerts we heard will be available by streaming link and as soon as Anton sends me the link, I’ll send it to you. Yesterday’s concert — a small orchestra playing a very varied selection of classical, romantic, Baroque, and modern (not pop — just modern) music was played. Brilliantly played. It reminded me why I became a writer. I really didn’t have “it.” There were biographies of the soloists and it was a surprise at how many were dual majors in things like “Opera” and “Microbiology” or “Computer Science” and “Piano.” I think it’s quite hard enough being great at one thing, much less two, but some of these young people are remarkable. Enough to give me hope.

Solomon’s Seal

I have a couple of hundred pictures that both of us took. Since we both used the same camera, I’ll take my best guess at who took which pictures. I’m pretty sure the ones that have me in them were taken by Garry. Otherwise? Best guess!

I’ll be home tomorrow and possibly functional by Wednesday. I hope the weather at home is as good as the weather was here. It has been absolutely gorgeous. Perfect spring weather!

Note: These pictures are from home. The new ones are still in the camera!

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  1. What are you doing in Minnesota? I’m a few days behind in reading blogs as it has been a busy week!


    • Garry’s two brothers live there — Billy and Anton. It was a very long deferred visit. Anton is the conductor of three groups including the St. Olaf Choir, so in Northfield and beyond, he’s a big deal.

      We got back last night. The visit was great, but the flying wasn’t so great. We had a good time anyway, but boy, are we TIRED.


  2. AH! Travelling! Such fun. *KOFF*
    Train is the only way to go.


    • If only there WAS a train option. So many tracks are broken in the U.S., it’s very hard to have a direct train from city to city. If there were, I would be ON it! Flying as just as bad as I feared it would be.


  3. Great images and that helps looking through your photos with your flight delay


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