It was hot this morning when I got up. I didn’t have to go outside to know. The windowpane was very warm and the air was heavy. It was shaping up to be one of those triple H days: hot, humid, and hazy. That’s typically summer in New England. I haven’t turned on the air conditioning except for one afternoon in May.

Otherwise, we’ve been okay with the cross ventilation we’ve gained with our new windows plus a couple of fans, a very small one in the bedroom and a taller one in the living room.

It has been very dry this month. We had one day of rain and since then, a shower here, a shower there. No rain over a whole town much less the state or region. I think are called “scattered showers” for a reason. We got about 10 minutes of downpour with thunder, then another half hour of light rain, and then the sun came back

It dried the air and cooled everything down, so when I finally went outside, it was very comfortable and the flowers looked happy. Nothing does it for them like real rain.

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  1. Those flowers look absolutely stunning with the raindrops on them – as refreshed as you must have been by the downpour. We need one here – it was 34 degrees yesterday in London which is VERY hot for June. And no one here has A/C in the home!


    • We have very minimal A/C — one medium-sized A/C in the living/dining room a very small one in the bedroom. We haven’t used them. We’ve had some had a few hot days, but they haven’t been humid — a saving grace. I can deal with heat as long as the air doesn’t feel like soup.

      It has cooled down today. Maybe more scattered showers, though whether or not we’ll get any rain is pure luck. Between the oil shortage and the dryness, not to mention the insane inflation, it’s not shaping up to be a great summer. If it doesn’t get too hot and muggy, it will be manageable but with all the climate changes, the weather is even more unpredictable than usual.

      The flowers LOVED the rain. It didn’t last long, but it was something. We need a real soaking rain. Soon would be good. All we can do is wait and hope.


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