Blogging Insights NF # 53 — ‘Finger exercises’

In all the years I took lessons and practiced piano, my teacher never gave me finger exercises. She gave me music to play that would accomplish the same purpose. She felt “making music” was what studying piano was about. Finger exercises were boring. Playing real music would accomplish the same task, minus the tedium.

Sometimes I think of blogging as finger exercises for a violinist; sometimes I think of it as mulching a garden. It is incredibly useful and helpful to my “real” writing. ~ Kate Christensen

I don’t think of blogging as “preparatory” to something else that would be more “real.” If blogging isn’t real writing, what is it? Having someone call this an exercise is a bit insulting. Given the number of truly awful books in print, I don’t think format is at issue. I look for quality and content. Any format that is well written is fine with me.

Blogging is its own style. I have read books that were blogs printed as “books.” They read like blogs printed as a book. I’m not looking to turn my blog into a book. As long as I am able to write and have an audience, blogging is writing. That it doesn’t pay me is neither here nor there. I’m glad I’m still able to write — in any format — and there are still a few souls who read me.

People spend too much time trying to label and define everything. Writing is what it is. Do people read your “stuff”? You’re good to go.

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  1. I so agree, writing is writing


  2. Yup! I agree with your points here Marilyn! As long as people are reading, its good enough!


    • Writing is. Writing is writing even if it’s a short news article which is just like a blog both in style and content, just read on a different platform. You don’t judge writing by how it’s published and as far as I know, not by how long it is. If that were so, poetry wouldn’t exist! It IS insulting. Maybe the quote was taken out of context.


  3. Agreed! I post “real” writing on my blog. It is insulting when people act like blogging is lesser than…


    • I’d like to think the quote was taken out of context and not intended to be as insulting as it is, but when you see a single line and you don’t know what surrounded it, it can appear as very different than intended. On the other hand, if that’s what she meant, then she has very little understanding of writing as an art and apparently thinks it’s about “format” and “platform” rather than content and quality. I hate to think that of any writer..

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  4. Yup! Exactly right.


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