It was a cold day after being a warm day and now both Garry and I are not feeling well, so I didn’t go anywhere and I barely managed to get him out of bed before dark. Mind you it’s that time of year when dark comes very early while dawn breaks late, but even so. Short of being at death’s door, I figure you should at least make a token attempt at getting up before the sun goes down. Unless you work nights. Then all bets are off.

Today’s walk was from the bedroom through the hallway to the kitchen. Stopping off to put up some coffee. Feeding birds who were so excited to see me they were flapping around my face like the cartoon birds in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

The thing was, I absolutely knew there would be blooms on my Christmas Cactus today. The buds were fat and red on one plant and fat and pink on the other (smaller) one. I expected more flowers, but there was one and a lot more buds.

There will be many more. I can feel them getting ready to pop open. This is going to be a gorgeous floral Thanksgiving. I wonder if these same cactus will still be blooming at Christmas or will have bloomed and faded by then. Follow the bouncing ball!

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  1. so sorry you have not been feeling well, but wonderful photography


  2. Gorgeous flower shots! I hope you and Garry feel better soon 🤗


  3. We do hope you and yours feel better soon, Marilyn. Those pics are lovely!


    • We are better. Not fast enough, but working on it. Good thing I took a lot of pictures because so many came out much to dark. I could easily retake them. I wasn’t feeling like going to war when I could walk into the next room and take the pictures again.


  4. glad you made it up to see this and hope you are both feeling better soon


  5. I love them just as much at this stage. You sound like you feel like I felt for the past 10 days. Today starting to feel more normal. Hope you soon feel frisky. xo


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