Share Your World 21st November

As a child, did you prefer to watch TV, play games outside on a nice day, or read?

We weren’t allowed to watch TV except on Friday and Saturday nights, although by the time my sister was born, Mom had given up and she could watch all day. I think I was improved by the absence of TV in my life. Anyway, everyone else had a TV, so I could always find a friend and watch there.

Generally, I’d read if I could, but mom loved sports. At some point, she’d toss me out saying “It’s a beautiful day. Get some exercise.” I never got involved in sports (mom played ice hockey and was a killer at tennis), much to her disappointment, but I became an enthusiastic bicyclist.

What would you rather do now, read a book, watch a movie at home, dine out with friends, or go down the pub?

Living out here in the northeastern boonies, pubs are not a realistic option. Not only are they expensive — you need an income to go drinking these days — and we don’t drink. I never drank and Garry long since rehabbed out of that life as has almost everyone with whom he used to drink — those who are still alive. They all seem to enjoy talking about it though. I used to go with Garry to his pubs to be sociable, but that’s not a “thing” out here.

Mostly, I read, write, and take pictures. When we actually go somewhere, there’s always a camera involved.

Are you fashion conscious?

The only time I was in style was in the late 1960s and very early 1970s when everything had fringes and jeans were floppy bell-bottoms. By the mid-1970s, I was back to being completely out of fashion. I have always been unfashionable. When I was working, I had “office clothing.” Office gear wasn’t fashionable, but it was a notch classier than the sweat pants, jeans, and baggy sweaters I wear now.

Also, when both of us were working, we went places. I had some expensive dress clothing and Garry owned two tuxedos and needed them. He worked a lot of fundraisers. It was part of his job, but he also enjoyed them, especially those related to helping people with vision and hearing loss. I got to be Garry’s plus one so I met interesting people.

We still get invitations but we almost never go. All the people we used to meet at those shindigs have died, are too old to travel, or won’t attend because like us, they are long retired and don’t know any of the “new” people. Garry misses his old friends, even the pols. He didn’t like many of them or their politics — except for Bill Weld (they both liked Pink Floyd), Tip O’Neill with whom he was friends and Ray Flynn with whom he is still friends. Ray doesn’t travel anymore, but if Garry can get it together to trek all the way from Uxbridge to Southie, they spend afternoons remembering the old days when they were trying to fix the world because that was their job.

Do you wear slippers, clogs or go barefoot indoors?

I used to go barefoot. Now, I wear socks. Even out on the deck it’s socks. Bombas makes them with little rubber things on the bottom so you don’t slide and they are really comfortable.

I’m one of the people for whom they used to hang signs saying: “Shoes are required.”

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  1. I see there was a massive snow storm down by the Lakes.
    Hope it didn’t hit you guys.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    • It might. The meteorologists are dithering about if it will hit us or slide northward into Vermont, Maine and Canada. It depends on the flow of winds. It certainly is cold enough and this is just about the time of year when we get some “real” snow — more than a dusting, anyway. The beginning of December usually ushers in our first blizzard. I’m hoping not this year. We just got an oil delivery and it’s an amount I can manage, so if winter isn’t brutal, we might live to see spring.


      • Glad to hear you are OK there so far.
        Watching the massive storm on the News and it’s mind boggling.
        They’re telling people to stay home, but you can’t get out anyway!
        Hospitals will be full.


  2. I really enjoy getting to know you more! It’s hard to believe it’s Thanksgiving. My Dad was into sports so I enjoyed watching and getting out. I did love being in the kitchen with Mom, too. When I created my Flannel site it was because my fashion sense had mainly morphed to flannel, t-shirts, jeans, boots, tennis shoes. I had school clothes that were nicer; even the students knew my “style” (my Monday pants, Tuesday pants, ha ha). I enjoyed gussying up to go to a concert (like Mannheim Steamroller). But being outdoors and in that attire my favorite. I always have my toes covered for the most part. The photos of your feet were heart touching. I can’t really explain why other than it just made me feel so humanly connected. I’m not a drinker other than an occasional red wine. My hiking “tribe” from Arkansas visited me over the weekend and we celebrated friendship as they assisted me with chores around my house (but also fun like a Christmas show and seeing lights). They were even kind enough to push me in a wheelchair when my energy left me. It’s hard to believe it’s Thanksgiving time. May it be a blessed and wonderful time for you and Garry. 💛🦃


    • You are amazing. Really amazing. No matter how difficult your life is, you find joy and happiness. There are so few people on this earth who are able to do that and I am SO impressed.

      You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. We don’t do turkey because after eating it for years (it seemed to be some kind of obligation to eat turkey), we discovered that none of us LIKED turkey. So now, we eat lamb if we can find or afford it or something else. I used to make chili, but everyone thought it wasn’t fancy enough. Personally, I think it was fine but hey, I am the cook.

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      • Your comment gave me tears. Good happy tears. Thank you so much, Marilyn. It’s not an easy thing to do, but I’ve found a joy that’s indescribable. Even through the worst times. I’ve been through two near death relationships, broken marriages, bankruptcy, my sons joining the service, multiple health issues,…None of it “broke” me in a human way~it actually grew my grit and changed how I see suffering. It really makes me giddy on good days, lol.
        I share something else in common,…I don’t like turkey! Ham it is! I love chili! Whatever you cook I know everyone will enjoy (tell them it’s fancy enough!). 🙃💛


        • I bet there are a lot of people who would be happy with anything that isn’t turkey. Turkey feeds a lot of people, but by the time it’s really “done,” it’s dry and tough. You need a tub of gravy to make it edible. Also, right now, we have an ironic invasion of wild turkeys. They are everywhere. They like to march across roads, stopping in the middle, tying up traffic. If you move, they attack your tires. We are so super tolerant of wild creatures that no one will move until the turkeys finally decide to ramble off to the side of the road. They also like to attack people and since they are BIG birds, people run away which only encourages them to try and dominate the environment. We should get a once a year shooting license and show them what being a turkey REALLY means, but if farm-raised turkey is tough, I can just imagine the texture of these wild ones. I don’t think you could make enough gravy!

          Turkey’s think we run away from them and stop driving because they are dominating the world. They have a slightly distorted picture of reality 🦃🍗

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          • Turkeys are definitely turkeys in every way! I went hunting years ago with my oldest son during turkey season. They’re tricky! Happy Thanksgiving to you both! 🦃

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  3. We had a couple of pairs of those socks with the rubber thingies on the bottom when we were on the boat. Hubby still has a pair which he wears around the house because his feet get so cold.
    Thanks for joining in again.


    • Thank you for keeping this going. This is probably my favorite challenge.

      I love the socks with rubber tread thingies.. They’re better than bare feet (no splinters!) and a lot warmer. And no slippy-slidey 😀


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