FOTD – November 22 – Fully blooming cactus flowers

Today I realized my macro lens is out of alignment. It has always been temperamental, but in the last couple of days, no matter what I do, it will not focus in the center of the lens. It’s not the camera because this is a problem only with the macro lens.

Did I bump it? Who knows? I’ve had the lens for a dozen years and I am not always gentle with cameras. I don’t drop them or intentionally bang them, but I do make them work for a living. So is it possible I banged it? Sure. It’s also possible a gentle tap at just the right angle can knock a lens out of alignment. It hasn’t happened in a long time, but it happened maybe 40 years ago? Longer? It was pre-digital and it was a Nikon, so it was a long time ago.

Despite that, I took some very nice pictures but it was tricky getting it to focus.

So, I bought a new macro lens. It was a Black Friday Sale item at the online camera shop. It’s an Olympus lens. It got good reviews. And I could afford it. It’s my Christmas present to me.

A short addendum: I think it may be the camera that is losing its way. Sometimes it’s fine, then it’s not, then it is. It is my oldest working camera and it was second hand when I bought it — and I’ve had it for a good many years. It has done yeoman’s service. It may just need a firmware update, but I am not sure there are updates for this camera, which was the first OMD made by Olympus. It’s the one without a “mark” number. It’s not that I don’t have other cameras. I have at least two (three?) more Olympus’s packed up in protective bags, batteries removed. They all use the same 3/4 lenses. I’ve gotten very attached to this particular camera, so if I can figure out how to keep it working I will.

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  1. Beautiful blossoms 😀


    • Thank you. It was nothing short of a minor miracle that I got them in focus! This lens has always been finicky. The new one, while it’s half an f-stop slower, is supposed to be a lot easier to use. It’s also about 10 years newer in its design. There are a lot of really interesting macro lenses out there, but you really have to know exactly what you want because they seem to come in with a lot of possible variations — and almost all of them require manual focus. Considering my eyes, that is probably unrealistic. Still, I do like looking at the write ups and wondering what I could do with them 😀

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  2. The new lens takes lovely pictures of lovely flowers!


    • I don’t have the new one yet. This is me taking pictures using a lens that only focuses at the very top edge so I had to press halfway down, then move the camera to where I wanted it and shoot. Which also meant doing it a few times until I finally got the picture more or less centered. The new one should be here right AFTER Thanksgiving but fast delivery was a lot of money and I figure I’ve waited this long. I can wait a few more days.


  3. Lovely, can you tell me why they refer to Black Friday Sales? There was no Friday 13th this month.??


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