Owen’s friend went out today and found a fresh turkey on sale at Stop & Shop. It was reduced from $24 to (are you ready?) 39 cents/pound. We got a 12-lb. turkey for $4.50 cents, give or take a few pennies. That’s a price from 25 years ago and even then, it would have been for a frozen turkey.

The very freshest turkeys

NO kind of meat costs 39 cents a pound. Since he found the turkey, he bought stuffing and dinner rolls (the kind you heat up) and mashed potatoes and we still have a whole fresh thing of asparagus in the fridge, so it’s Thanksgiving all over again. If turkey didn’t dry out so much in the freezer, a second one would be nice — assuming we’d have room for it — a big assumption. But frozen turkey dries out in the freezer. So, for that matter, does frozen chicken. The whole point of buying a fresh turkey is to get one that isn’t all dried up.

Anyway, Arthur said all the rest were at least 19 or 20 pounds. As it is, 12 pounds is at least two meals so buying one that big would just be wasteful.

We have had the best foodie experience ever for the past few day. What I pity I had to get sick in the middle of it. Between the lamb and the turkey and the incredible leftovers … wow. I’m running a fever again. Garry thinks maybe I picked up something from the birds. It’s possible, but not likely. None of the symptoms fit exactly, but since I’m sick again and NOBODY else is sick. So whatever it is, it isn’t contagious. I’m getting sick from something else. Something inhaled. Maybe we aren’t cleaning the feeders properly. Doves (aka pigeons) are a big transmitter of disease, but so are chickens and bats. Bats?

So I don’t know why I’m sick again, but I think I have to find out this time. Or at least, I will try.

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  1. A great turkey story, but I’m sorry you’re sick again. Hopefully whatever it is that you’ve got will be over quickly.


  2. I’m sorry you are sick, Marilyn. I have heard you can get nasty things from birds. Not good! I can’t imagine $.39 a pound turkeys. I need to shop more! Wow! Time to cook, I guess. Your bird shots are gorgeous! 🙂


  3. Marilyn, I’m sorry you are sick. That’s for the birds! (Couldn’t help it). I love the pictures and what a great discount and meal! I enjoyed our meals and actually ate a BIT of turkey with LOTS of gravy. I hope your fever leaves you fast and you feel better soon!


  4. Geez, hope you feel better soon! Great turkey bargain 🦃


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