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  1. Beautiful daffs and tulips 😀


    • Thank you 😀 There are hundred of shoots coming up. I only recognized some of them. I think there might be a few more tulips mixed in with the daylilies and some others that I think might be new. Birds drop seeds, so you sometimes are surprised by what grows. Tulips will bloom soon and then there is a wait until the daylilies, rhododendrons, spiderwort and hedge roses grow. On the other side of the driveway, I await the Soliman’s Seal. I don’t see anything growing there yet, but it comes up very quickly and blooms almost immediately, so I’ll have to watch for it. THAT is one of the few wildflowers I can always recognize. They are unique.

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  2. I have glorious tulips since nearly New Year. I love them so much that I’d rather not eat a meal but buy tulips. Now, for the past two or three weeks, my garden tulips are blooming. I have many of different blooming times. Starting with early bloomers and the real fancy ones to finish the parade!


    • Squirrels, skunks, and other ground creatures love eating tulip bulbs, so I have stopped planting them. The few that remain must not taste as good as the others. The critters ate ALL of my fancy lilies although it took them several seasons since I had planted quite a lot of them originally. Last year’s drought did a lot of damage, but the rain over the winter has helped the spring flowers. But. This is the time of year when suddenly, it stops raining. I looked at the weather report and it’s warm, sunny and cloudless for at least the next week. I hope that isn’t a warning of a rainless summer coming up, but it has been in the past. I’ve got my fingers crossed. We need at least one decent rain per week to keep the gardens and trees alive. Not to mention the birds and other creatures.


  3. Hello

    There was some point as he grew up that he played with each of his friends for the very last time, and he had no idea that it would be the last

    Best wishes



    • Now there’s an interesting thought. The only one I remember was my first husband to whom I said good-bye, although I doubt he could hear anything as he died a few hours later — and also, my brother — again, in his final hours. My mother? It was on the telephone from across an ocean. So many others just slipped away.


  4. Wonderful. Such a beautiful flower, the tulip.


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