Isn’t this how all fairy tales begin?

Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived

  • A gnome.
  • A princess.
  • A prince.
  • A piglet.
  • A guy with a secret.
  • An orphan child with a unicorn.
  • A king or a queen.
  • A shepherd.
  • A knight with a broken sword.
  • A hobbit.
  • A wizard.
  • An ordinary woman living an ordinary life doing perfectly ordinary things.

They all shared a common thing, that life gave them a path to follow. That path led to adventure and something special and completely unexpected.


They took the path shown them. What they found along the way made some of them rich. Others found great happiness, with or without love and wealth. Others found a destiny stranger than they dreamed, occasionally with the power to let them accomplish great things. Regardless, for each, the traveling and excitement eventually ended. Everyone settled down.

After which, the high and mighty as well as the smallest and least important lived comfortably ever after. Except …

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10 replies

  1. The only thing I hate is the story ending.
    I love stories that go on forever. Like Doctor Who 😎


  2. Lol yep! For real! Loved this one! Xx


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