My back has been in pretty good shape, for me, anyway. In fact, it has felt so normal I decided to change the linens this morning all by myself. Usually, I ask for help, but I felt so good, I didn’t ask.

Now, my back hurts. It would seem that it behaves perfectly — as long as I don’t do anything to aggravate it. Which is anything involving bending, lifting or twisting.

It’s a good thing writing and photography don’t require any of the above-mentioned actions.

No matter how hard we try, age catches up.

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  1. I’m sorry, Marilyn. I hate that and understand so well. I have an MRI next Tuesday. Since my return trip from Texas visiting oldest son and family I’ve had, what I believe, a sciatica episode. They’ll rule out if it’s just rumors pressing on the nerves. I hated asking for help, but my twin had been gracious to help me with sheets each week. I don’t like being limited, but I’ve accepted this situation.


    • I always thought everything could be fixed, but when my heart went bad, I knew I was beat. I had had to give up a lot of stuff earlier, but that one? There was no getting around it. The reality finally hit: we really can’t fix everything no matter how hard we try and how much we want to.

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      • My Mom shared that exact statement yesterday. WE just want to fix it and can’t! I’m listening to the birds sing this early Saturday morning in Missouri and sending you and Garry wonderful thoughts and prayers!


  2. so true! And we women (particularly) tend to ovedo… just because somebody has to ‘do’ it.


    • Someone does and it is highly unlikely to be Garry, though he has at least twice in 32 years done it without me. I’m pretty sure he vacuumed the house a couple of months ago too.

      When men help, it’s when they are feeling magnanimous. Which to me is unreliable. I can’t wait until Garry has an epiphany to change the linens. But he doesn’t SEE dirt and if he does, it’s just something he’s sure I’ll take care of. After all these years I’m not expecting a huge personality change.


  3. Yes… but… sometimes we want to do these things, just to prove we are still here, still useful…
    The suffering that comes later is worth that knowledge… I think…


  4. Changing the bed linen on your own was probably a big ask.

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    • It was stupid, especially because two people doing it is easy and no one has to limp for two days. It was dumb.


      • It is much easier with two. I used to struggle with the King sized bed on my own. But sometimes you just want to get it done don’t you and not wait for other people.


        • Garry was in the bathroom and he doesn’t just use the bathroom, he inhabits it. It’s his second home. Or maybe his first. And the linens really needed to be changed before the laundry gets done on Sunday. I was feeling pretty good, so I figured “Hey, I can do this.”

          I did it. I didn’t know for another four hours the side effects. Next time, I’ll wait and I WILL ask for help. The irony is that if I had asked, he would have helped. He won’t do it on his own, but he won’t say no, either.

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  5. Oh I hope you feel better soon. There are certain angles that should be avoided while bending or lifting.

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