Share Your World – 2015 Week #2


Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?

I came late to hugging. My family is not touchy-feely. They aren’t unfriendly, just more verbal than physical.

I hug, but only people to whom I feel especially close. And with whom I am very comfortable. Come to think of it, that category doesn’t include many people. But it does include the people who are the most important to me, on whom my world hangs.

What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?

I don’t eat ice cream much, but I enjoy an occasional frozen yogurt. Strawberry is my favorite, but any fruit flavor is good. And vanilla. If I am going to have real ice cream, a good vanilla will win every time. How boring, eh?

Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?

Exercise physically has been less and less of an option. I’ve been sick so much of the time, recovering from surgery, etc. Now, between the heart issues, the arthritis, and of course it’s the middle of an icy New England winter. Good this blog keeps my brain from going all soft.

Marilyn photographer

Writing is my mental exercise, photography my artistic outlet. I haven’t done much shooting lately because it has been terribly, bitterly cold. Below zero kind of cold and today it’s warmer, but sleeting. My least favorite winter weather. It has turned the dogs yard into a sheet of ice. Fortunately, the roads are clear … but even a simple walk from the house to the car would be full of peril this time of year.

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person? Why?

We used to have cats. Then we had cats and ferrets. Then we had a cat and a dog, then two dogs. Then we had two dogs, no cats. Now we have four dogs, though technically, only two of them are ours. But as I look around me, we have three small ones on the sofa and the big furry guy on the floor in front of us.

Danger Dogs

I guess it’s dogs at this point. Not because I don’t like cats. I like them fine and if I had my druthers, I’d probably have horses. But horses don’t fit well in the house and definitely don’t do well on the sofa. So dogs it is. But who knows what the future holds?

25 thoughts on “HUGGING THE DOGS: SHARING MY WORLD, 2015 – WEEK 2

  1. You could always get a miniature horse. They are about the size of a st bernard. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Marilyn. We have sun today, but it was a tad bit icy and frosting. I know nothing like what you have on a good winter’s day. 🙂


    • I love the miniature horses, but like you, we are NOT planning to continue having so many pets. One, maybe. Maybe a cat, next time around. Most of the gang are still in their primes. Just Nan is almost 14. There others will be around a while to come and after that? Who knows.


  2. Two comments (2-for-1 – how special!):

    1. You look absolutely wonderful in that photo! No one would guess you had been ill or recovering from surgeries. Me, on the other hand? I look like I’m dying even when I’m in one of my “healthy” periods. Ah well.

    2. That little dog looks like he’s (she’s?) taking that sign very seriously. I wouldn’t mess with him/her. 🙂

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    • That was taken before this last round of heart surgeries — right between losing both breasts and redesigning the entire pumping system. Mostly, I loved that haircut. I got it from a really great (EXPENSIVE!!) hairdresser in Boston. I can’t afford her anymore. Why do women’s haircuts cost 10 times a man’s? I have settled for letting my hair grow. It’s much less $$$ and aggravation!

      Nan takes everything seriously, especially food 🙂 She is one tough little dog. Cute, too.

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    • They breed a lot of miniature horses around here. Almost everyone who has some land and a barn breeds some kind of horses, ponies, and minis. Llamas and goats and chickens too. Not to mention the cows.

      We thought about getting a couple of minis (you can’t get just one!) because they are so cute, but in the end, it was more living creatures to care for. We are getting old. As are our dogs.

      Between vet bills, food, regular preventative meds like heart worm and routine shots … and just the physical requirements of taking care of so many animals — we really didn’t want so many but when my son’s marriage split up, he got the dogs which means WE got the dogs — it’s a lot. I always wanted horses … but I think I wanted horses I could actually RIDE. The minis are adorable, though. There are so many kinds of them, too.

      Also adorable? Miniature goats! They are incredibly smart, funny and you’ll never need to mow your lawn again. Of course, you also won’t have any gardens because they eat them, down to the last bulb.


      • I know what you mean. Cindy is nearly ten and sometimes I wonder whether we’d be wise to get another dog after she’s gone but I can’t imagine not having one. If you want to be a responsible pet owner a lot of money is involved as well as the exercise which is getting harder for us to do. Luckily Cindy loves fetch so a she gets a lot of exercise chasing balls.


        • I can’t imagine life without a dog, but I also know we are not going to be able to do a lot of the things dogs need as we get older. We have trouble with it already. It’s a rough thing to think about.


    • Yes, they do. But I think ONE would be more than enough at this point. We seem to be the place where people bring the dogs they can’t keep any more. And I’m glad to help, but who is going to help US?


  3. I love dogs – they give unconditional love. Cats have lots of conditions.
    But unless you live in the country dogs need to be be walked. That was a joy when I was a kid .. now it’s more of a chore – though it does provide exercise – though it could be raining or blizzarding …
    We have 4 cats.
    And whoever shows up.


    • We DO live in the country and we have a doggy door, so the dogs go in and out without us. Except that at least one of them is getting too old to go up and down the 8 steps from our living level to the yard and I can’t carry her any more. I don’t know how long we can continue. She is healthy except for arthritis and just plain oldness and tiredness. Loving, funny, and cute as the dickens, but Nan is heading to 14 and I do not know how much longer we can give her what she needs. Fortunately, the others are all younger, around 7 or 8 and a bit more spry. Age is such a cruel thing.

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      • Our furry kids INSPIRE hugging. How can you not want to share their hairy affection? I think they remind us that we should show more affection to each other. I don’t come from a a family that was big on overt shows of affection. Even with our parents and all of the “older folks” gone, that overt show of affection is still awkward among my 2 brothers and me. I try because I should try but that damn DNA is hard to overcome. It’s ironic because I’m a sucker for sentimental movies that are full of affection.


        • It’s one of the things we have in common. My family weren’t big huggers either. My mother gave a lot of verbal affection and she gave gifts … things … and of course, you’ve probably noticed that so do I. These are hard to break patterns because we imprint on them so very young.


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