We shouldn’t have been surprised because it happens every year, pretty much at the same time. Middle of November, after a long period of rather warm weather, one day the temperature drops and suddenly, you feel that first bite of winter.


I remember one year, more than 20 years ago, it was November 18th. Garry and I had gone in short sleeves and no jackets to a local dive for lunch. We were living on Beacon Hill and given the perils of alternate side of the street parking, we had walked the mile.


We were there about two hours. It had been around 70 degrees when we arrived at the Bulfinch. When we emerged, the temperature was about 40 degrees and the wind was whipping around the tall building. We ran home, not stopping until the door was closed firmly behind us.


This morning, when we got up, it was warm. Not 70, but mid sixties. Overcast and a bit blowy. When a few hours later we left to drive to Milford to pick up some antibiotics for Bishop, it was still warm. I noticed it was a bit chilly when we arrived at the veterinary office at 12:30. Less than an hour later, we stopped at the grocery store. It was cold. Not cooler. Cold. Maybe 50 degrees with a brisk breeze snapping the naked trees. The sky was bright blue with a few high cirrus clouds.


The cold had come. Other shoppers were hugging themselves, still dressed in short sleeves, unprepared for the precipitous temperature drop. We had jackets on, but it was definitely time for the next level of outerwear.

Trees are bare. A few die-hard shrubs are hanging on to their leaves, but otherwise, it’s the tail-end of autumn when the world pauses, catching its breath. Feeling the first chill fingers of winter.


A good time for the casting of sharp shadows across roads and parking lots. A good time to lay in supplies for the season to come.

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  1. Winter is definitely coming; I have now been watching the seasons change long enough now that I have that same sense about when it will happens.


  2. In absence of daily prompts it is difficult to meet many bloggers. Thank God you are there to let me feel that it is all the more worth to log in to wordpress daily to meet you, read your wonderful posts and enjoy vibrant pics. Actually prompts were dead but we were still enjoying it as a group. Hope we find another platform soon till then we will catch each other in reader. Enjoy the remaining warm days of the year before you folks freeze in snow !!!


  3. Stunning photos. What a sharp drop in temperature. It is not so radical here – just usually drops overnight – from one day to the next, bad for us to moan about, but nothing to compare to you. Keep warm and cosy


  4. Still beautiful considering the photos. Enjoy the last “warm” days.


  5. Inside I always wear a t-shirt. We have floor heating and I rarely feel cold. We are waiting for the big freeze here and I notice it is a little more fresh outside in the early morning, but I still wear a rain jacket over a t-shirt when I go for my walks. I wear the padded jacket for shopping, but otherwise it is just not really cold enough. Mr. Swiss next week is still not so cold. It is strange weather here, as usually we have our first snowfalls in the lowlands in November.


    • It got very brisk yesterday. Not nearly full winter, but definitely no longer shirtsleeve weather. It was time. It’s still good walking weather. In fact, it’s GREAT walking weather because it crisp and chilly, but the ground is dry and there’s no ice. I plan to enjoy it. It is also, sadly, the least photogenic time of the year. Early spring before the leaves come out — March and early April — and November through early December … it’s just naked trees and brown dirt. The world is rather monochrome and gray.

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  6. You know the weather around my house has changed when I finally switch from T-shirts to sweatshirts for sleeping. Did that yesterday. Brrrrrr.


  7. Warm and sunny here today. But then tomorrow can be a different deal.


  8. January 18, 1996… I walked to the bus stop on a very unseasonably warm morning where it was probably in the 60’s. By the time I’d made it to the light rail stop near my school, I had to sit there and wait out a thunderstorm (Yes, in the middle of January!). After 3 hours of classes, I walked back to the station while getting pelted by sleet. And that walk from the bus stop back home…. yep, I was getting snowed on. Of course, the Midwest is known for its rapidly changing weather. If you don’t like what we’re getting now… just wait a few hours, they say.

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  9. Mother Nature has a cruel streak for sure.

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  10. I walked outside yesterday and I felt the chill, the warning to better wear a jacket from now on.


  11. I know we spoke of the need for layers before and after I moved here with you in Uxbridge. I took your advice and bought heavy duty clothing for the upcoming clothing. I haven’t lived in a cold climate for decades. Yesterday was cold enough for me to sense it in my basement home. I started layering immediately as the temperature dropped. I sometimes forget what I must look like all bundled up in my strange collection of Winter hats, sweat clothes and a light blanket wrapped around my shoulders as I watched college football games yesterday. Welcome to New England Bob! It’s only going to get much colder before it thaws out in Spring!


  12. I remember last year on Christmas Eve, sixty degrees and no coat. Then February was single digits. The cold hopefully doesn’t stay!


  13. Nice and warm here, Marilyn. But, why no daily prompt today? Did Friday the 13th do it in for good????


    • I think they don’t want to do it. They haven’t been exactly enthusiastic about it for a long time. Maybe this is the end. They just stopped the weekly writing challenge without notice, so it would not be a big surprise.

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      • Such a good way to meet new writers to follow. A shame. Seems like they would announce it, though.

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        • I thought they paused on the prompt because of the Paris attacks, but probably WordPress did not even notice. I think the daily prompt has perhaps gone forever. I don’t mind, just have to get used to it. I still title my blogs with daily prompt to get them in the reader in the same place.


          • I thought they were going to dump it last year, but it has been on life support for at least two years now … When was the last NEW prompt? I think maybe this is the end. I miss the idea, but the actual prompts haven’t been particularly interesting and all of them were reruns, so we’ll have to soldier on without them.


          • What do you mean about getting them in the reader in the same place? They go there without the daily prompt title, as well. Or, perhaps I don’t understand what you are saying…I miss having a place to view writers other than ones I follow. How else are we going to find new folks to follow?


            • I don’t use the Reader at all. Hate it. It cheats bloggers of their hits because Reader visits don’t count in the stats. I’m not sure what you are talking about. Maybe somebody else’s comment? I will miss the Daily Prompt too, but WordPress has shown lots of signs that they intended to dump it for a couple of years already. So I’m not surprised. There were other prompts which they have also dropped. They don’t want to be bothered with writers. They just want baby bloggers to swell their statistics. That’s been obvious for a long time.


              • Ah well, they introduced us to a number of very interesting people, so I’m going to appreciate that, at least. I think Reader views count so long as they read the entire post because they have to go to your blog to finish reading.


                • But if you write short posts, or just pictures, the odds are they won’t ever go to your site. So I go to the site. Kind of a point of honor or something. Like, you know, between thieves 🙂


                  • I always visited the various contributions to the daily prompt and found them quickly in the reader if the grid was not working, but only if they were tagged with daily prompt. As Marilyn said the daily prompts have been dying a slow death for some time and now it might be finished. I will miss a lot of people and hope that I find them again somewhere.


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