It’s my favorite Judy Collins song. Not because it’s her best ever, though it’s very good, but because I was in a very bad place when the song came out and it comforted me. I listened to it and along with some good friends and time, emerged into life again.

When we went to see her in concert in Boston last year, she sang it to close the concert. Obviously, I’m not the only fan who loves it.

I hope this will brighten your day, too!


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  1. I wasn’t familiar with this song so went and looked up the lyrics.
    “Open the door and come on in
    I’m so glad to see you, my friend
    You’re like a rainbow, coming around the bend
    And when I see you happy
    Well, it sets my heart free
    I’d like to be as good a friend to you, as you are to me”
    I immediately thought of the blogging community and those special blogging friends you exchange comments with like you Marilyn. πŸ™‚


  2. What a lovely woman. She does us proud.


  3. She is still so beautiful. Seventy-five, that voice and that hair……oh, my!


  4. And wonderful blue eyes. In fact Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.


  5. Wonderful performer, song and memory for you

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  6. Oh how sweet to be reminded of this song and this time. Thanks so much.


  7. Just an ignorent Brit that has never heard of Judy Collins, but yes, a nice song to brighten up the rainclouds in Switzerland.

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    • She’s 75 and still performing. I was listening to her when I was a teenager. Aside from her voice, which is remarkable after all these years … what great HAIR!

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      • I still have a huge crush on Ms. Collins. I adore her voice and she still has “it”. Joan Baez still is a favorite. But Judy Collins has the personality, warmth and intelligence for the total package. I’m glad you suggested “Open The Door” for that video we did of granddaughter, Kaity. It lends an enduring quality.


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