Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 44

I really am having trouble figuring out what’s an oddball and what’s art. I’m beginning to doubt there’s a difference. One person’s oddball is someone else’s artwork. So, given that I’m confused but always game for a challenge …

Ambrotype Chrysthemums
Ambrotype chrysanthemums
A back street in town.
A back street in town.
Symphony Hall near Christmas
Symphony Hall near Christmas
Looking into the woods from the open teepee door.
Looking into the woods from the open teepee door.



        1. No, the flowers are a lot bright and yes, it’s a filter, part of the black and white set. it’s a toning filter. You do real ambrotyping anymore, not unless you have a very expensive dark room and mix your own chemicals and have the right kind of glass. The real ambrotypes were gorgeous. They did, back then, a lot of photo printing on glass. Silver on glass was very popular, but the glass prints mostly fell apart with time. Even protected, they were thin and fragile and time had its way with them.


          1. Have you read “The Museum of Extraordinary Things” by Alic Hoffman? One of the major characters is a photographer who talks about the process but I think they called them something else.


          1. Is there a makeup app that automatically puts on facial makup with filters for “business appointment, seduction, illness ( to send your boss on days playing ill), daylight, nighttime, remove 10 years, remove 20 years?)


            1. When my friend Cherrie and I were working at Doubleday — long long time ago — we invented “I’m sick” makeup. It involved the clever use of reverse colors. Green shadow under the eyes, for example. Who knew we could have patented it 🙂 I should have known there’d be a market. It’s all about marketing.

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  1. I read the teepee last year some time and enjoyed it very much. There were parts that really amused me – think I wrote you a mail about it afterwards but old ladies forget stuff so quickly. Like your photos. I am not always sure what exactly qualifies an Oddball. Something strange, something different or just something you do not know what to do with. Anyhow I like the challenge, gives me a run for my humour.


    1. I’m pretty sure odd is whatever you think it is. I’ve given up trying to figure it out. I now include anything that doesn’t seem to be something else.

      I have hundreds of pictures of my teepee from sanding the poles, to its first day as a teepee, to it’s final days. It’s gone two years. I’m glad I took so many pictures. I even took some video of it. A teepee is really just sticks and canvas. It has a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, less usually, if you leave it up year round as I did. Mine lasted seven years. I fought to keep it alive, but finally, nature took it’s course. It was no longer usable for people, though many creatures, including the local bobcat, though it made a pretty nice house 🙂


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