Black & White Sunday: SUPERMOON SUNDAY

I was very happy that today’s subject is just “something you like.” Because this is the night of the full supermoon. To be fair, it just looks like a full moon. Nothing super about it and the trees have not conveniently moved out of the way.

And these are the pictures:

And, my long zoom camera finally gave up the ghost tonight, so it won’t be taking anymore pictures. It has been having problems for more than a year, burning up batteries in sometimes just a few frames. There’s some kind of electrical problem and what with exploding phones, probably it’s time for me to admit defeat and give it up.


  1. These are fantastic photos, Marilyn. So much more interesting than a mere moon. I went out to photograph and there was complete overcast.. no bit of moon glow. Then the sky opened up, I ran in for my camera, came back and it had vanished again. Darn this tropical storm/hurricane, wherever it is, for clogging my sky and making this miserably cold and wet weather for the last two days of our feria.


    1. Thanks. Sorry about your weather, but at least you’re not having a drought and you aren’t dealing with seeing Donald Trump on TV all the time.

      We;ve actually had nice weather, but the trees are always in my way. Considering that my camera died after five shots, and then I came out with the OTHER camera and it wouldn’t focus at all, I was lucky i got anything. They are interesting. Sometimes, I can get a little more of the sky in the winter when the trees are completely bare, as opposed to right now when everything but the oaks are bare and of course, our woods is almost entirely oak. I’m trying to decide if I can afford to replace that camera. I want to, but I don’t know if I can. It’s the only one I had with a truly long lens … Sigh. I probably will replace it anyway. Because without it, i can’t do any wildlife or birds. But gee whiz, why couldn’t it have hung on a few more months?

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      1. I feel like I just woke up for the day, but my environment doesn’t agree. I’m going to post the very few pix I got of the Feria before the rain took over. Then perhaps watch a movie which will set me to sleep withing fifteen minutes, no doubt. Sorry about your camera. Can’t be fixed? Mine last on an average of three years, but tht is getting some pretty heavy useage.


        1. I got this just under three years ago, but it was second hand. It doesn’t owe me anything. I ‘ve hauled it everywhere. Often. My most “grabbed” camera. It is, however, the first time I’ve had a camera actually die on me. I’ve broken them (dropped, etc.) but never had one just fail like this. I forgot it was 2nd hand.

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  2. At least someone saw the great moon and has great photos to prove it. I have not even bothered up to now. I can only take photos of clouds, but no moon. It just does not want to be seen in our part of the world.


  3. These are the most original captures of the moon I’ve seen. It wasn’t visible here, but still it managed to interfere with my sleep. Thank you, Marilyn. I love your choice for the theme.


  4. Beautiful photos Marilyn. Sorry about your lens. All of Oregon was under heavy clouds and rain last night. Our news said we would have to go to Redding California to see the moon which is only a 7 hour drive. 😀


    1. The weather was great here as was the moon, but the trees and the camera was against me. I suppose it was going to die eventually, but it was unfortunate timing. I did get a few pictures anyhow, and I thank you 🙂 Seven hours is a bit too long a haul, I must say.


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