We do not percolate. We drip. We consulted with Mr. Coffee and he assured us that percolating takes too long. In the morning when the only thing in life you want is a cup of coffee and maybe a toasted muffin and jam, percolating requires art. Too much art.

Garry sets it up the night before and the first one in the kitchen hits the button and passes out biscuits for the ever-alert canine early warning system.


Following the ritual of the passing out of dog treats, we enter the ritual of answering email. And so the morning passes. Coffee. More coffee. Biscuits. More coffee. Tapping on the keyboard while sipping coffee.

You can deprive me of many things … but please oh please … leave the coffee. Keep the pot “on” and hot. Coffee should always be ready to drink. Pass the half-and-half, please.


41 thoughts on “DRIP, NOT PERCOLATE”

  1. I do not miss coffee and very rarely drink it. Perhaps in a restaurant, but only black, because tea in a Swiss restaurant is not tea, just water with a bag of dried leaves, absolutely no culture. Mr. Swiss likes a cup after his meals, but not percolated, he is also into instant. Coffee, for some unknown reason, has a very negative effect on my digestive system.

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    1. It’s the acid in the coffee. There are low acid and acid free coffees these days, but I have no idea if they taste good enough to be worth the effort.

      There are many foods I can’t eat. I’m hoping coffee is never one of them! I would miss it terribly.

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  2. I use cold process coffee, made ahead as a liqueur and refrigerated. It has less acid, which means it bothers the ‘what ails me” much less. I don’t need much, maybe two cups all day, but what I do need is those two cups. The first one while I wait for the wood stove to catch.
    And black, please. Life is so much simpler if you don’t have to futz with sugar and cream.

    Doctors always go for the veins when it comes time to give things up. and they always, always, tell you about coffee. I nod and smile, nod and smile.

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    1. After the doctors tell you to give up coffee, they go out and get coffee. Aside from the acid issue — coffee really is pretty harmless. It’s sort of like eggs, you know? This month, eggs BAD. Next month? EGGS GOOD! i avoid really lethal stuff and heavy animal fat … otherwise, I don’t eat that much. I can’t eat much. I figure I might as well at least enjoy what I can eat. And coffee. I drink one really big cup first thing after I get up and another somewhat smaller cup — that’s it for the day. But without those two cups, there IS no day πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes! Remember when eggs were as good as poison? And chocolate is now good for you… and so is red wine. I say all in moderation. If it comes from nature its mother’s milk. I’m a one cup in the morning gal. I love the feeling of warmth flowing through me in those morning hours.


  3. Although I’m British and brought up on tea coffee is what I think of first thing in the morning these days. I use a plunger now as I’ve been through several drip filter machines and they always seem to end up leaking all over the kitchen bench. I know it is probably not the heatlhiest drink to have but if I gave up all the things that people say are bad for you I’d probably starve.

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    1. I had actually give up coffee at one point, then my doctor said if I went back to drinking it, it would help my blood pressure and keep those headaches away. That was more than 10 years ago, but I’ve never looked back. I was using one of those plunger machines for a while, but the coffee wasn’t HOT enough. The Mr. Coffee machines aren’t supposed to be the best, but they make consistently good — if not great — coffee and they last for years. The more money we spent on a machine, the faster it seemed to lose its seal and pour water all over the kitchen πŸ™‚

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  4. I love my coffee, good coffee, and yes the pot is always on! Some are connisseur’s of coffee, and while I am not a coffee snob, I sure know the difference between good coffee, and Grrrreat coffee! wink wink. Realy enjoyed your piece, Marilyn. Awsome!


          1. I read a scary article on those little cup coffee things that you place inside a coffee machine, can’t think of what they’re called atm, but dangerous! cause there’s no way to clean them and mold and other bacteria build up in them YIKES I think I’ll stick to drip, since I haven’t the patience any more for percolating lol even though it was always my fave!


              1. Those are the ones! They are the worst according to the report, there were others cited, but those topped the list of scary. And your right, INSTANT COFFEE they are, and you pay through the nose for them for all that. lol not me, not in this or any other lifetime, snickers loudly


                1. We have friends who extol their virtues, but I’ve been underwhelmed by the taste. i had no idea they were also unhealthy, but the lack of flavor is enough for me. Paying more for inferior coffee? I don’t think so.


  5. Now, we’re talking. It is always a trick this time of year – clean the pellet stove or start the coffee first. Coffee wins out. We have a Capresso drip machine with a grinder. So, we use Peet’s coffee beans and grind for fresh coffee each time. We do love our coffee in this part of the Country. πŸ™‚


    1. I don’t know how people who don’t drink coffee get their day started. I NEED my coffee. I also love it.

      I used to have one of those grinding-drip machines, but it wasn’t very good and was very hard to clean. Tell me what you use and do you love it? I’m always prowling around for a coffee machine upgrade.

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      1. We have used this basic machine for about 8-10 years now. It goes great for 3-4 years and then something usually wears out. But, when we contact the company, they offer us suggestions on how to fix something or offer us a newer model for an upgrade amount that wouldn’t buy a new one. We mail the old one back, they mail us a new one. We have upgraded twice. They have great customer service. We keep ground Peets coffee and whole beans. If we just need a couple of cups, we use the ground, otherwise we grind fresh beans. http://www.capresso.com/coffee-makers/specialty-coffee-makers/coffeeteam-gs-1.html


  6. Coffee and beer have one thing in common for me… I can’t stand the way either of them smells, and that might be the reason I’ve never drank either beverage before. Give me my cola, preferably from a fountain please…


    1. Whereas before I liked the taste of coffee, I loved the smell of freshly brewing coffee. I cannot say the same of beer which to me, still tastes like slightly polluted water with bubbles. But a good vintage of Coke? Oh yes.


  7. Oh boy, what I wouldn’t give for some half-and-half in the fridge right about now! I already had my morning coffee, but reading this post in the afternoon makes me think that just one cup now, as well, wouldn’t hurt anything. πŸ˜€


  8. I have to have coffee every morning. Lynn doesn’t drink it but says she loves the smell of it in the mornings. Glad to keep her happy!


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