Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 30, 2016

Boston Common just before Christmas – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

This time of year, going anywhere can be hazardous to your health, mental and physical. Everyone who has a driver’s license takes it out of the drawer, dusts it off, and hits the road. The weather is dicey. The drivers are not necessarily sober and way too many of them are using a mobile device instead of paying attention to the road.

Uxbridge common at night, before Chirstmas - Photo Garry Armstrong
Uxbridge common at night, shortly before Christmas – Photo Garry Armstrong

So be careful. Be safe. Be smart. Drive defensively. You may know what you are doing, but who know about those other drivers?

Past meets present - Photo by Garry Armstrong
Past meets present – Photo by Garry Armstrong
In the middle of our small town – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong
A yellow school bus – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Cee which way photo challenge


  1. I always know winter is here the first time an SUV blows by me at 50 mph on an icy, snow covered road, because we all know that having four wheel drive gives your vehicle permission to ignore the laws of physics and never slip or slide like the rest of us careful drivers. I have to let out a karmic laugh every time I see a huge, honkin’ truck having to get towed out of a ditch because I know exactly HOW they wound up there in the first place…

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    1. I have had a lot of people run right into me in their big SUVs. They really think they are invulnerable. They don’t seem to understand that ice is no respecter of 4-wheel drives. You can slip just fine in an SUV. Besides that, very few people actually have their vehicle IN 4WD. They are driving in 2WD unless they are trying to get out of snow or mud or sand. LOTS of very bad drivers.

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    2. Squirrel, one of the radio sports yakers compared our local weather to New England Spring. December 1st and it’s gray and overcast after several days of heavy rain. Haven’t been out yet but I think it’s in the 40’s.

      We have a big holiday party invite next week. It’s a gathering of swells. We hope to make an early arrival, eat all the shrimp, share a few lies and then hit the road (maybe with shrimp wrapped in napkins). Fingers crossed about weather, road conditions and fellow drivers.

      Hold page one, Squirrel: The sun just came out. Hallelujah!


    1. Nor do we. We used to make an annual Christmas photography trip into the big city. Boston has a spacious and lovely Common. Lovely in summer and winter 🙂 It’s just very crowded all the time. Lots of tourists and shoppers and it is in the middle of the shopping district. If you have money to spend, Boston is a great place to spend it.

      We don’t shop. We just take pictures and occasionally, attend an event of some kind. It’s the season for events 🙂


    1. Thank you. Boston Common at night is special, especially near Christmas when all the lights are up. I took that picture quite a while ago and I’ve been trying different effects on it ever since. I tried a lot of different things before I finally found one that looks pretty good. I wish I’d had a better camera when I took it. The past five years has seen a leap in camera technology.


    1. Thank you 🙂 Ice doesn’t care about your tires (unless they have studs), so people with 4 wheel drive vehicles need to remember they are not exempt from the weather. Otherwise, most people are cautious in bad weather … but ice is not always visible on the road. Cell phones, texting, and other distractions are causing a lot of dangerous driving — all year round.

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  2. Looks like Winters have really set in. I am not going to experience it because temperature remains moderated throughout the year in Secunderabad. I love winters and how good to see your snow pics.


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