I am outraged at the amount of both arrogance and ignorance that are oozing out of every pore of the Trump Administration. A crew of individuals with near god-like arrogance are responsible for running the agencies of the U.S. federal government. One of the reasons they think they are qualified to handle their new jobs is they are clueless about what those jobs entail. Either they’re not smart enough to know what they don’t know, or they are so corrupt, they don’t care.

Rick Perry, former Governor of Texas, admitted that he didn’t know what the Energy Department did before he agreed to RUN IT! Ben Carson was a brain surgeon and a political candidate before he became the head of the Housing and Urban Development Department. His only connection to housing is that he probably has lived in a house.

Do rich, successful people believe their success in one field automatically translates to every other field? No actual, relevant experience required? Apparently they do.

I don’t. Nor do I believe “business experience” inherently prepares you for government work. Why would it?

Those assigned to head up major government agencies are supposed to be specialists in that agency’s area of expertise. Now, more than ever, we need intelligent, caring, efficient professionals to help us deal with the incredibly complex problems facing our country. Instead, we’ve got science haters. Climate deniers. Ideologues. Industry shills. People holding obvious financial conflicts of interest with the American people … and others who are overtly hostile to their agency’s mission.

Where we need knowledge and authority, we have instead a toxic mix of arrogance and ignorance allowing these appointees to fail. Upwards. The Peter Principle on steroids as each of them has gone way beyond their level of incompetence. We pay the price.

I have neither an antidote nor words of encouragement. I’m so pissed. The arrogance and ignorance of these people is beyond belief. To find them sitting in the highest positions in government, defies the understanding of ordinary mortals.


    1. Thanks! There’s so much going on now that is scary, it helps me to write about it. I hope it helps you to hear your thoughts expressed and confirmed by someone else.

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    1. The ignorance and incompetence in foreign affairs is particularly horrific. There were thousands of people in the State Department who were specifically trained to help our leaders deal with different parts of the world. There is so much history and protocol that is specific to each area that you have to know in order to make intelligent decisions. And these people are nowhere to be found in Trump’s world. Decisions are being made blind, in almost total ignorance and isolation. And Trump gets praise for dropping bombs. So we’re doomed!

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      1. I’m not a particularly religious person, but this is all in the Bible. It’s the one book nobody really wants to skip to the end to find out how it all comes out.., but it’s there anyway. I think we should be doing some skipping. In complete respect for the beliefs of both Jews, Christians and others, If the Messiah hasn’t already been here, he’s well over due because this thing is getting out of hand very quickly. Do the words “Messiah” and “mess” have any common roots.., cause we’re clearly in a mess right now?

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      1. Add to cable news the Prime Minister of Australia, PM of the UK, PM of Israel (whoda thunk it??), Canada, etc etc. Who cares if there’s a law against it? it was clearly the only thing He could do.
        This is bad, very bad, like horrific. (Worst trump impersonation ever).


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  1. I agree with you on these issues. Yet, I have found it to be VERY normal in business to hire ‘supervisors’ because they have a college degree even though the degree is in a field of study that has nothing at all to do with their new job. I have seen many times where a supervisor position comes open and the company refuses to promote workers with many years of actual experience in the field because they only have a high school diploma the company won’t promote them, they would rather hire someone with no experience in the field at all from the outside simply because they have a college degree.

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    1. You just described the high tech “business.” That’s why I tended to work for small, venture capital companies. They relied on you REALLY knowing the work, not on whether or not you had an MBA. A lot of administrators have zero experience doing the jobs of which they are supposedly in charge. It makes work really awful for everyone. Unrealistic expectations and unreal ideas of what you are supposed to do. You get bad work too. It’s not like they make the workplace better.

      I don’t know when the fun left work, but about 20 yeaars ago, it left and hasn’t returned. At least sometimes, there used to be some joy in work.

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    2. My husband has experienced that too for 40 years at CBS. The people in charge of the most technical parts of the job, had no technical knowledge whatsoever. I don’t understand the corporate mentality. Is it that noone really cares about the final product? Is there no pride in doing a good job or producing a good product? That’s the only thing that can explain staffing that is so ass backwards. It’s amazing that anything gets done at all!

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    1. Thanks. I write about what I’m passionate about so the blogs often just flow out of me. The writing itself is cathartic. But getting feedback from people who read the piece is the real gratification.

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  2. “Do rich, successful people believe their success in one field automatically translates to every other field?” apparently they think so. I think what you really need is a good old fashioned housewife who knows how to run a household on a budget, get the kids off to school, settle battles without bloodshed and makes sure everyone gets fed and sheltered on a regular basis etc.

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      1. Trump was highjacked by the alt-right and the tea party right. So intelligence and rationality were out the window from the get go. His best picks were for the military posts – at least they didn’t overtly want to get rid of the military all together!

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    1. I used to believe that to. But I think the government is too complicated these days for anyone without serious knowledge and training, even a great housewife, who can do most anything else. But the housewife mentality is what is needed at the top for sure. Someone with common sense, organizational skills, compassion and a kick ass work ethic. Definitely not people who really want to destroy the department they are in charge of. OY VAY!

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  3. Well written Ellen. The people at the top believe they can do everything/anything because they largely surround themselves with people who confirm this to them (even if the people know better) and then get on with actually doing the work rather than taking all the glory or shirking the blame onto someone else. Or this may actually take place a few levels of this BS down the food chain depending upon the size of the (dis)organisation.

    it is a horrible fact that (at least in the US) these losers have now found their way into Government rather than staying in Business.

    We most probably are all doomed.

    The world stopped evolving a long time ago and we have been devolving ever since.


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    1. Sycophants are a big problem in business and in government. Trump even has a loyalty tesst for anyone he hires for the government – they can’t have ever said anything bad about him. Several top choices for cabinet posts have been rejected because they didn’t pass this test. No wonder Trump thinks he’s doing such an amazing job – so much better than any other president ever! You’re right. We’re doomed!

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  4. I can talk to you about a similarity in the restaurant business. A guy (just random) with loads of money, decides he wants to open a new restaurant. He’s experienced something bad somewhere and feels he now knows how to do it better. So, he puts plenty of money towards opening the restaurant. People begin to ask what about Chefs, quality of food and service. He’s response is to throw money at it, and hire the best guy in the business to provide the training. Sure the real chef will cost loads of moneh but worth having him around for like 3 months should result in the owner knowing the same skills that the real chef spent decades learning. Sure, the restaurant opens, food is good and service is standard. The chef shows the new owner how to cook the food. The chefs contract finishes and leaves. The restaurant now begins to drop in all aspects of quality. The restaurant owner throws more money at it, tries to do things in a different way and eventually when there is no hope left, he simply sells it off and moves on to something totally different. This I feel is the story of Trump, his chums and the USA as a whole.

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    1. Very good analogy from the restaurant world. Except that Trump isn’t trying to learn from experts all the skills and knowledge he needs to govern. He doesn’t think he needs experts at all. That’s part of the problem. At least your restaurant guy understood that he started out with a deficit of knowledge and skills. Trump hasn’t gotten there yet. Only one person that I know of in the inner circle is bringing in qualified, experienced people to the White House.


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