With the EPA down for the count and hunting of wolves and bears back on the table, it’s hard not to despair about the survival of those two species. The horror of what we do to our beasts makes me ill. All evidence to the contrary, I hope we will come to our senses and save our wild creatures but I have serious doubts that anything larger than a squirrel will survive in the wild. Not here or anywhere.

I believe that pretty much all Earth’s large animals are doomed in their natural habitats. Some  will be gone soon. The remaining species will succumb eventually. Tigers, wolves, lions, jaguars — all the big cats — as well as other large land animals, like elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, apes and most monkeys and many more will no longer have a home on this planet.

There will be no wild places.

Humans will, for a while, maintain controlled populations of various species in zoos and special habitats, as if that could make up for their disappearance. As if warehousing is the same as having a wild kingdom. Want to know why? Really? It isn’t the long complicated explanation you will get from environmentalists or public talking heads. Let’s skip past statistical analyses.

It’s simpler than that.

The animals will disappear because they are in our way. Animals don’t fit with human civilization. They are untidy. They eat cattle, goats, chickens, sheep. They trample fields, demolish gardens. Take up space that could be more profitably used for shopping malls and suburban subdivisions. They are more valuable dead than alive.

Predators and large animals are inconvenient.

When humans finds something — anything — inconvenient, we eliminate it. Kill it. Demolish it. Whether it’s a species, a river, or a mountain. If it’s in our way, we make it disappear.

There’s a moral to the story. We should all take care because someday soon, we might eliminate ourselves.

Bye bye.

13 thoughts on “DOOMED TO DIE”

    1. Trump is making something bad much worse, but we’ve been chipping away at our wild spaces — not just in the U.S., but everywhere on earth — for a long time. We still actually HAVE wild spaces here. England is pretty much out of wild places. In this half of the world, from Canada down to the bottom of South America, there’s still wild places remaining.

      For how long? How long till they finally chop down the entire Amazon forest? That we are so stupid is pathetic, but we are far from the only ones. Humans are stupid, careless, wasteful, and cruel.

      Which is why I hold out little hope. The force of humans against anything that gets in their way is so powerful and the creatures we are destroying so vulnerable, I don’t see how they can survive us. After that, will WE survive? I often wonder if we deserve to survive anyway.

      We are murderers.

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      1. or, at best, enablers to extinction. 😦

        I believe there are those who oppose the destruction actively albeit so far largely ineffectively. I see our biggest problem as rampant over-population, that combined with human selfish greed, from the personal to the corporate.

        Maybe Chump could do the world a favour and reduce it’s human population by 2/3rds and give whatever is left a chance?

        But we’d probably not learn the lesson anyway – humans aren’t all that good at learning good lessons – today of all days.



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