Share Your World – May 29, 2017

What is the most famous landmark or building you have ever seen?

It has been my fate to live in and visit a few famous cities. I grew up in New York, so there has always been The Empire State Building. Then, there’s the Western Wall of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. And the Tower of London … that’s pretty well-known, isn’t it? How about the Golden Gate Bridge … or for that matter, the Brooklyn Bridge? The White House? The U.S. Capitol Building? Fenway Park? Stonehenge? Mab’s Cairn? London Bridge?

And Garry and I are ardent, enthusiastic visitors to museums … many of which are famous places in their own right. No way to answer this except that each place has been special in its own way and I wouldn’t give up any of them.

Which would be the most famous? I have no idea.

Do you like long vacation or lots of mini-vacations?

I like long vacations, but I have nothing against little vacations either. I like long vacations because you can relax and get into the mood of the place. At least two weeks in one place and you can finally relax. Stop thinking about going back to work or going home to clean up the mess into which your house has probably fallen in your absence!

But little vacations are like the cherry on the sundae … just a delicious something to sweeten the week.

These days, with the dogs, really long vacations have been few and far between … even more now that we have Gibbs who does not do well without us.

What is your favorite National or State Park?

I haven’t been to all of them or even half of them, so I can only guess.

The two I best remember are The Grand Canyon — one of those places you have to be to really “feel” … and Muir Woods outside San Francisco. Wonderful, both of them and completely different.

What is your fantasy vacation?

I always wanted to drive from east to west coast and back again. Maybe take a northern route going and a southern route heading home again. We’re still thinking about it. The problems are mostly financial (all those motels cost money!) … the dogs … and time. But we’re thinking.


      1. So many memorable places visited around the world.. It’s beisbol season so I’ll go with the Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Marilyn ‘s present for my 50th birthday was a visit to the Hall of Fame in ’92. Golly, it was MEMORABLE!! I was a kid again, walking amongst the shrines of my boyhood idols. We purchased a bunch of Duke Snider stuff. Duke was my boyhood hero, the handsomest of the Boys of Summer on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Part of our kitchen wall now contains a shrine to Edwin Donald Snider, the Duke of Flatbush.


  1. I forgot the museums, they give you a feeling for the place you are visiting and of course the graveyards. There you get a combination of fresh air, scenery and local history.


    1. Growing up in NY, the museums were all free back then, so when I had nothing better to do (like attend classes!), we went to the museums. It was fabulous. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Haydn Planetarium … the Guggenheim … amazing museums. I learned more cutting school and spending the day in museums than I could ever learn in school!

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  2. I’ve driven east to west, west to east, north to south and back again. This is a beautiful country to drive in. If I ever do it again, I’m getting an RV and going off the grid for the duration. 🙂


    1. I’ve thought about it, but we are the two unhandiest people on earth. I am not sure we could manage the machinery. Also, the minor matter of age and knowing there isn’t much I really CAN do these days while Garry’s un-handiness is legendary. Buy. It would let us take the dogs — NOT a small thing.

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    1. I dream of driving across the Rocky Mountains to California. That’s a LOT of driving, though it is really the only way to really see this country. Ironically, I spent 6 weeks driving everywhere on your Island, but you are so much smaller. It’s a whole continent, here.

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          1. The Grand Canyon has to stand out as the most majestic, jaw dropping vacation experience. I could wax poetic about other places visited — France’s wine country, Scotland Castles, Ireland’s green hills and valleys, brief encounters in Rome, a too short 1983 visit to Israel, romantic Puerto Vallerte, Mexico; Beautiful days and nights in the Virgin Islands with memories of my childhood years, etc ad nauseum. The Grand Canyon still stands out!!


  3. Oh Marilyn your answer to the first questions made me think a lot more about landmarks and buildings I’ve been too. I forgot I was in Washington. Lots to remember from there. I’ve been to San Francisco a lot too and even walked the Golden Gate Bridge and it was a super clear day. To bad I wasn’t into photography when I was that young. I was maybe 17 at that time.


    1. That’s why I don’t have pictures of so many places 🙂 It was pre-photography. I had cameras, but I don’t even remember what they were. I suspect throwaway Kodak no-lens specials! Such a pity. I could have had some really great pictures!


  4. I love that first shot of Fenway park. Such a classic. Every time I read someone’s 52 week’s post, I remember more famous landmarks I’ve seen. As for long vs. mini vacations, you get a better experience with a longer vacation, but you can’t deny the pleasures of a mini, either! Keeps you wanting more.


      1. Agreed. That’s how we spend our weekends, usually. One day for a trip and the next with me in front of the computer working on photos.


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