Our dogs don’t bite.

Well, mostly they don’t bite and when they do, it’s not on purpose. Sometimes, grabbing a piece of food will nick one of my finger. I yell ‘OUCH!!” and all dogs look guilty. They aren’t supposed to do that.


They do a lot of pretend biting with lots of jaws clacking. For some reason, that clacking makes me laugh. They can play “war” for hours and no one get bitten … or even close to bitten. No fur pulled out. No bleeding.

This cannot be said of the biting done on the wood corners of the coffee table. They are no longer square but nicely rounded. I’m sure eventually, there will be no table. It will have been reduced to shards by Duke, the magnificent. It is his job to reduce large pieces of wood to smaller pieces of wood. Not our choice and he knows this, because he does all his gnawing in the dark of night. Hard to miss all those wood chips on the rug.

42 thoughts on “NO BITING

  1. There are so many things for dogs to chew on in our Pet aisle at work…. pig ears, deer antlers, rubber made out of some superhuman compound that makes it tougher than steel and fashioned into instruments that look like they’d be used for perverted purposes, bones that look like they were excavated from underneath the crawlspace of a serial killer…. and despite all of that, dogs STILL want to chew up the things they’re not supposed to. Like the table….


    • And I keep buying those items. And he chews some of them, but really, his heart and soul are in anything made of wood. I do not understand the passion, but it’s indisputable. The table. The molding for the new door is unusable — he ate too much of it. We talk to him about it. Yell at him. Coax him. But in the dark, when no one is there to admonish him, he eats wood. If we had stakes for vampires, he would eat them, but sadly, not the vampire.


  2. It’s amazing how there is a pecking order among animals that although domesticated years and years ago, still persists. I see it with the 3 cats we have. Territorial much? lol no bones! snicker snicker


  3. I have a couple of toothmarked pieces of furniture too. Must be something about the texture of wood that dogs like.David’s brother was an apprentice cabinet maker when we got married and he made us a coffee table which our first dog, Tammy chewed the edges of. Andy was not impressed. He came to visit recently and I made a point to throw a cloth over that table. No sense in reopening old wounds even forty years later.
    Bones are banned here too. The other dogs were good with them but they bring out the worst in Cindy. She snarls at Polly just for walking past her when she has one so I don’t let her have them any more.

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    • That’s what we had. One or another of the dogs would get into a “cave” and snarl at any dog movement in the rooms. It got ugly twice and that was enough for me. Ever since, bones are banned. It’s a pity, too because they really enjoyed them … even though they were super smelly and slimy.

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  4. Have you considered painting the furniture or other wood you’d like to keep with a clear substance that Duke hates the taste of? ( And ideally does not stink?) 😉

    Other than that – i got nuttin’.

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  5. OMG your dogs are absolutely adorable! We have a husky cross puppy named Whiskey who too is redecorating our home, it started with the stairs and the kitchen cupboards and has moved to chairs and toys, oh the toys! We also have a big blue heeler as well and it always amazes me at how they can wrestle with all those teeth and no one ever gets hurt!

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    • The problem is that I bring in ONE bone, I have to bring in three bones and in my world of dogs, the ONE thing that makes them fight — are bones. There’s something about bones that make them highly possessive. With ONE dog, no problem … but we’ve got three and exactly where each lives in the hierarchy is not entirely fixed yet. Bonnie is still at the top and Gibbs more or less, at the bottom. But Gibbs is very possessive anyway, and I think having Duke steal his bone might be just the spark to start a real fight, the kind I don’t want to deal with. The last time I got really bitten was breaking up a dog fight.

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      • Our Chihuahua, Poptart, is resource possessive too. Everything else, he’s learning to share and share alike, but food? Nope. We’ve had to move Mister (the cat) to another room so Poptart will stop trying to eat Mister’s food. The dogs will all go to their corner with bones though, and the other two will leave Poptart to his if they finish theirs first, so far, we’ve managed to avoid fights.


        • I have never gotten any of my dogs to stop trying to steal the others’ bones. The fights are ugly and generally, I’M the one who gets bitten in the end, so I think I’ll work on yelling at him. I’m hoping he’ll quit before the whole table is gone. Also, he is REALLY hooked on wood. He drags in branches from tree through the doggy door (how does he DO that?). Anything wood, he wants it. I bought him other chewy toys, nylabones and other stuff — no interest. Wood. He wants wood.


      • Duke, the Magnificent? Eh? I like it even though I don’t relish his nipping at my toes during his bouts with Bonnie and Gibbs. Nipping usually increases to biting til I Yell at him and he gives me that Alfred E. Neuman look. My loafers and or slippers afford me protection but I still feel Duke The Magnificent’s pearly whites.


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