The oil company’s owner came by to actually look at the condition of the ground this morning. He wasn’t wowed by how terrible it was. I could see him shaking his head as he drove off. We almost have oil.

Wait for it!

Most of our driveway is clear to the pavement with a patches of snow. If this is too terrifying to manage, the driver is going to have problems with at least half the valley residents. I have an evil driveway, but I am by no means the worst … the longest … or the iciest.

If you live in New England, you understand weather. We get a lot of it moving rapidly from steamy, hot, and humid in summer, to bitter, freezing cold with-and-without blizzards in winter. Sometimes, on a really good year, we get a few hurricanes in the fall and one or more nor’easters when the air is bored and wants to do something fun.

Add to that the infertility of the soil and the millions of tons of rocks and roots. We have more boulders per field than anywhere. Why so many people chose this region to settle (or more likely, invade), I have yet to understand. Maybe they had no choice. The boats landed and they were too tired, hungry, and frazzled to go further. Still, if they were looking for a rich and fertile region to co-opt, this isn’t it.

Considering this area is and has always been, a farming community, it’s a strange choice. Beneath the soil, lie rocks, some the size of a small planets. This is where our rock fences came from. Everyone had piles of stones when they cleared a field. What can you do with rocks? Build fences, of course.

We have old stone fences running through areas that haven’t been farmed in more than 100 years and never will be again. At some point, they must have been farmed because the rock fences prove it. But, to no one’s surprise, they gave up and moved on, probably to somewhere with better dirt, flatter ground, and presumably, improved weather.

Light snow falling

It wouldn’t take much to improve the weather.

Just saying.

Final Note

The oil truck arrived and oil is poured into our nearly empty tank. Three barking creatures went into a frenzy because SOMETHING WAS GOING ON AND THEY WERE NOT ON HAND TO SUPERVISE. Soon soothed by a cookie.

We needed 192 gallons — the most oil we ever needed in a single pumping except for the two times they forgot to deliver anything. We would not have made it to Tuesday.

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  1. Glad you got your oil delivered.

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  2. Sounds like he arrived not a moment too soon. Enjoy the warmth and have a happy new year.


    • It really was the last minute because we got another inch of snow since then. That’s not a lot of snow … but it’s exactly enough to make everything really slippery!


  3. Glad you got the delivery and are good to stay warm for a while! It is so bitter cold- 11 and feels like minus something here. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to appear- so I look forward to that!


    • It warms up during the day a bit, but it drops down below zero at night. It is very cold, especially for December. I’m glad we got delivery too. We would have been out of oil very soon.


  4. Whew! So glad the oil man cometh. Poor pups! How did he manage without their supervision?!


  5. I’ve got my fingers crossed that you get your oil soon.


  6. Phew oil is delivered for continued warmth dogs had a bark fest and a cookie, and you can relax and be warm. It’s been a red letter day! 🙂


  7. We’re getting hammered over here in the West. I’m shoveling about 8 inches today. It’s been worse out your way though. I guess the jet stream has gone on a Mexican vacation. Bastard. But then it occurred to me that I used to play hockey in this stuff when …
    I musta bin nuts.


    • I used to actually LIKE snow. But I was young and stupid.

      We’ve been mostly spared the super heavy stuff. That has really been horrendous in upstate New York — and also apparently up in the northern part of New England. I am sure we won’t be spared for long. It always gets us, eventually. It’s just part of living here.

      People our age tend to not love bitterly cold weather, icy sidewalks, or shoveling. There ought to be a law that takes over this stuff after we reach A Certain Age.


  8. Glad you got oil. Now I hope your set for winter. 🙂


    • This should last us a couple of months, depending on temperature. Normally, the oil would have lasted a couple of weeks more, but it has been fiercely cold and the boiler has been working overtime.

      My son works next door to our deliverers. He dropped by to point out that HE was the one who plowed us and it was fine. No one argues with Owen, especially not me.

      The minute the truck called to say they were on the way, it started to snow.

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  9. I would love to have been the invisible observer when the owner got back to the shop.

    Always a good feeling when you get a full tank like that, isn’t it. One less thing to be concerned with for awhile. And of course the dogs had a wonderful cathartic hysterical barking event.

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    • I would have liked to be there when my son dropped by, pointed out that HE had plowed us out, and after 18 years, they should get the truck here. Immediately. Which oddly, is exactly what they did.

      After the frenzy of barking, they are all sound asleep. Their work is done.

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