All day yesterday, I listened to weather reports. We were going to get snow today. The only question was “how much here.” We live in a funny bubble on the geo map. Sometimes major storms miss us — including Hurricane Sandy — even though they hit everywhere else.

Through the back screen door, clots of snow against the screen

This big blow could have stayed mostly out to sea, affecting primarily the Atlantic coastal areas and the Islands. Or it could turn more inland and whack everyone from here to downtown Cleveland.

It appears to be the latter. Hey, how are ya, Cleveland?

Probably not going to be using the deck much this winter …

This is not what I’d hoped for, but it is winter. This is New England. It gets cold. It snows. You can whine about it, but it’s coming anyway.

Duke watches the weather

Owen said he’ll come back with a plow tomorrow to clear the driveway. At least we got the oil delivery, so we are good for now. There’s more than a little wind, too.  The snow is blowing not-quite-sideways. It certainly isn’t falling straight and one of the things noticeably absent is the whiteness of the tree limbs. They stand naked, without any snow.  Blow ye winds.

Window to the snowy world

I was hoping for something a bit more moderate but these are immoderate times. This is clearly not a moderate storm. Maybe in all things, we have left the paths of moderation.

From here on in, everything will be some version of extreme? Or is it merely typical winter weather?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. Hi Mrs. Marilyn, Please direct some of that snow down here. Martha says you could use a break and we could use some moisture. Mostly I could use some snow to play in. I’ve waited almost a year. Please say hello to Duke for me. Your pal, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog

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    1. Duke says HI HI HI. Bonnie says to tell you that SHE is the real snow dog in this house. She was a winter puppy and she thinks snow is the best. Duke likes it until his paws get chilly. Gibbs is okay with snow. It’s just rain he hates.

      We are surprised you didn’t get this one because it’s pretty big, but I guess it didn’t go south, just north. It looks really serious, but there seems to be just about 5 inches on the ground. A lot of wind, so it’s hard to tell. Duke says it’s not up above his hocks yet, but Bonnie came in covered in clots of white and looking very pleased with herself. If we could send it, we would. Or at least some of it. We need a little, just for fun!

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          1. Bear has a couple of Scotty dog pals. When she was a pup and we were on a walk they RAN across the highway to meet her. It was scary but cute. One of them walked back across as close toBear as she could get. I carried the other one. They’re awesome dogs — fierce and funny and loving


            1. They’ve got a lot of personality. Very disobedient and they have an interesting sense of humor. The girls tend to be dominant and the boys say “Yes, M’am!” No one messes with Bonnie 🙂

              When we had Bishop, he was Bonnie’s slave. She would say “Jump” and he just asked “How high?” But she also adored him and when he died, something went out in her life. She likes Gibbs. She even likes The Duke … but Bishop and she had a “thing.”

              So it looks like we got about a foot and a half of snow, about a foot more than they said we’d get. Oh well.

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              1. Dogs with their own agendas put a low priority on obedience. Dusty is obedient but he was not bred to do a job. It’s strange for me to have a dog who has nothin “better” to do than obey me


                1. Some dogs were bred to BE obedient. All of those “guarding” dogs were bred to follow orders, though some of them were also bred to know when to disobey and to judge when an order is bad. Scotties, like most Highland terriers, were bred to go down holes and fight badgers. Give them a chance and they still will. With enthusiasm.

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    1. I had been hoping for less, but this is not such a terrible storm, not for this area. A bit more wind than usual, but not as much as they were saying on the news. It’s not even six inches on the ground yet, though that may be because of the wind. Garry cleared the front steps so the dogs could get outside. I guess winter is here, huh.

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  2. The weather does seem to be working in extremes this winter — we are expecting rain sometime soon — though they keep pushing out the date! The hope is that it won’t all come at once — that could be disastrous for a number of reasons! Does this much snow affect your aquafer/well? Stay warm!

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    1. Snow is good. It melts slowly. Much better for the aquifer than really heavy rains. A good snow cover can keep the well happy for almost the entire summer and fall. We’ll see, though. I don’t think this is going to be very deep. Lots of blowing around, but I don’t know how much is going to be on the ground when all is said and done. Hope you DO get some moderate, sensible rain soon!!

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      1. As someone said to me a long time ago,” It’s winter. It gets cold, and it snows. But don’t get excited, it cahn’t last. ”

        We were thinking of having the two single story roofs (kitchen and porch) shoveled off by “professionals”. Our ladders, our roofrakes, our shoveled path, their effort, $600. I told my husband, you pay me $600 and I’ll shovel it for free.

        We’re supposed to get maybe a foot up here, and the weathermen are just orgasmic about all this, and the wind is helping greatly. It’s a wonder they can sleep at night.

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        1. We’ve been lucky and gotten the job done much cheaper, usually around $200, but it’s a very simple single peak roof. I’m not sure we will have all that much snow on the ground when this is over. Lots of blowing around. I’m hoping it mostly blows OFF the roof. I hate worrying about weight per foot per square foot of roof and wondering if we’ve hit the limit yet!


  3. You have such a beautiful and tranquil view from the back windows, I just love the scenery. I am certainly not looking forward to cleaning up this mess, as I see it’s building up momentum. I am so not a fan of this bitterly cold winter. 😦


    1. Since I wrote this, the storm has picked up and it’s a lot more intense than it was a little while ago. Garry shoveled the walk, but he’ll have to do it again at least once. Between the falling snow and all the blowing …

      I was really hoping this wouldn’t be such a big deal. I hate the mess and the mud and the tons of snow on the roof and the falling trees. Oh well. It’s winter. It’s New England.

      It is beautiful out every window. It’s the plus side of living in the woods. There are a bunch of minuses, too but beauty is the big one. It can be s a difficult place to live especially when you don’t move as well as you did. I think this region tends to be a bit of a rough go for many people. It wasn’t such a big deal when we were younger, but the older we get, the more of an issue it becomes.

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      1. Watching my feet navigate the three steps down from the side door reminds me how limited my navigation is becoming… UGH!!!! And that is hanging onto the railing attached to the wall!!!!


      2. More accumulation than I realized til I trekked up our long, long driveway. Wind also pretty impressive.


  4. It’s a raging blizzard here in New Jersey- they totally underestimated how much snow we would get in our area- and it hasn’t stopped since 6am! Blowing like crazy. Love Duke’s photos- he is so intent on watching- our Sammy was like that too.

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    1. In the beginning, it looked like it wouldn’t be so bad, but it has gotten much worse during the past hours. Yes, it is quite a storm out there. Garry just came back in, all frozen and declaring it’s snowing so hard, he’s going to have to go out and do it again. Maybe we’ll get another mid-January melt like last year? Remember we had summer time for a few weeks in January? I have the pictures of us in our tee shirts taking pictures of ice on the river!


    2. Duke was playing ‘hide and seek’ as I shovelled. I made sure to dump snow on him. Of course, he LOVED that.


  5. We have had a strange “nearly no snow” zone and by the middle of December last year we had a foot. We got 6 inches but it melted within days and although it’s cold, it is not snowing or raining (some hail though) so who knows what the winter will bring, yet! Glad your warm and dry Marilyn. Hope the pooches enjoy their romp.


      1. It’s fun to watch them romp in the snow. I love that. My cat has become accustomed and enjoys it. He used to jump 7 ft to the ground (as I lived on the 2nd floor of an apt bldg.) now he just goes to the door and on out. He’s 14 and living the life of riley as they say.

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              1. My cat come in with huge frozen balls of ice attached. He allowed me to blow dry him for a bit then towels. Shocked the heck out of me. He had 3or is it 4 layers of fur from 6 inches long to an inch and thick. Sometimes I trade him about being a dog in another life and soon e he outweighs most small dogs, I think he may be. He plays games like a dog hides and seeks, tag, Chase me chase me, and growls like a dog so, maybe


    1. It’s a SNOWSTORM. The weather people get into the mode where every storm is the end of the world. It isn’t the first and it won’t be the last. New England. It snows here. Also, it gets cold. I really don’t know why they get so crazy about this. It’s a pretty serious storm, but “ARCTIC BOMB”?? Good grief!

      But me too. Very glad we have oil!

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    1. It’s pretty bad. It’s about a foot and a half of snow, but it’s also a lot of wind followed by super freezing temps. So it’s going to be a bitch digging out. It’s over here, now. At least it’s a fluffy, dry snow, but until the temperature breaks, it’s not going away.

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  6. Like Helen I heard you were due to get something awful up your way and hoped the Oil had arrived in time… i woke to find you’d posted all through it and things sounded mostly good – which was as much of a relief to me as i’m sure it was to you! 🙂

    Snuggle up and enjoy what you can!

    As for the weather men, like most reporters on TV news, current affairs (and weather reports now it seems) each successive item has to contain superlatives that have never been used in relation to that thing before – it is almost a contest these days as to who can make things sound the most extreme. 😦

    On the other hand our lack of any serious action on climate change is making sure the events ARE more extreme as time progresses.

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    1. It was a serious storm, but it’s not like we don’t get blizzards here every winter. I’m always happy when we don’t, but it’s not the end of the world. Everything is so INFLATED. “Cyclone bomb?” Thank is ridiculous.

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      1. I heard this one worked it’s way UP the coast from Louisiana/Florida? Are they the bad kind or are the ones coming down and across from Canada the worst?


        1. It depends on the size of the storm. The biggest storms seem to sweep in from the middle of the country and take down a few other states before they get here … but it depends on a lot of other factors, too.

          I think the BIGGEST storms in terms of how much snow gets dropped are those which come in from the Midwest, take out Michigan and Illinois along the way, the drop into the south, pick up some extra moisture, then proceed up the coast, destroying the beaches and a few thousand homes. But we also get some very local storms that pop in off the ocean, form a big cyclonic thing, hang around for three days and totally bury us … but 10 miles away, they have no snow. Some of our most lethal storms were very localized, so you don’t hear about them. You only heard about this one because it was huge and covered several states at a time.

          These very big storms used to be a lot more rare. That IS part of climate change.

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    2. Bob, the TV weather folks LIVE for this stuff. I think it’s kind of sexual gratification for them. I’ve spotted a few over the years with strange smiles after they finish their forecasts. They wouldn’t answer my direct question. PREVERTS!

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      1. HahahahaH! The ones that really get me are those who insist in standing in the gale force winds and pouring rain they are reporting about – as if we couldn’t really understand what they were saying if we just saw the pictures and heard their voiceover off-camera!

        I’m waiting for the day when one gets sliced in half by a flying piece of metal roof or trailer live on camera!


        1. Garry had to do that for years. Apparently that is how News Directors think, that we are all morons and cannot believe in The Weather unless some reporter is out there freezing his balls off. Go figure, right?

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          1. I figure as long as there are still some of us watching who go: “Why isn’t that man (woman) heading for the safest shelter to send their report from?” the world has a (small) chance. Once we’re gone, society as we know it is history!


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