We live in a have a country full of shallow, if not outrightly stupid people.

They watch “the news” and believe it’s all lies because an orange-skinned bloke says so. As a woman whose husband was a television news reporter for more than 40 years, I’d like to point out that not ONCE in his entire career did my husband haul his tired ass out of bed at all hours of the day and night so he could get up to fabricate lies for the public.

He made mistakes now and then — but not very often — and sometimes made the wrong choice about what story to cover, but never at any point in his long career did he intentionally lie to the public. Moreover, none of his colleagues lied to the public either.

Note that I do not include Fox in this discussion. Whatever it is they are doing at Fox, the news is not it.

The news has always been as truthful as the people who do the job can make it. Are there errors? Of course. Reporters are human beings and we are imperfect, but none of the errors was intentional. It wasn’t lying. Errors are not lies.

What Trump does? THAT is lying.

Garry was never told to tell lies. He was occasionally asked to omit something, but he didn’t do it even when asked. Garry tells the truth and so did his colleagues.

And the other reporters, photographers, directors, and producers? They told the truth, too.


Reporters are not liars. They work their asses off trying to spread the truth to the dunderheads who too foolish to listen.


The news is as true as the people who research and write it can possibly make it. Do they make mistakes? Yes, but they correct themselves and apologize. They don’t erase the truth about a president. Only another pathological liar, like our so-called president, could do that.


The news IS the truth. If you are don’t believe reality, you are going to live with something worse, if you aren’t already. We are on a razor-thin edge between what we used to think was freedom and a plutocracy or oligarchy — if we haven’t already crossed that line. Time will tell us soon enough.

Shallow people are stupid. I don’t mean they have a “low IQ.” I mean they are too limited, lazy, selfish, and foolish to find out the truth. It’s so much easier to believe bullshit, isn’t it? You don’t have to read. You don’t need to research. You don’t need to know anything.

You can roll along, believing whatever the current blowhard in power tells you. That’s how we got where we are and that’s how we will keep rolling down the long grassy slope until we become one of those infamous shithole countries.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

20 thoughts on “LYING LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I think shallow people are more than anything, lazy. If you won’t do any of the work involved in learning, then you become stupid. When you don’t read, don’t research, never check anything out to find out what’s really going on, that’s shallow. And that’s why propaganda works so well. It’s easier to believe it than fight against it. We have a mentally challenged country and maybe we are getting what we really deserve.

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    1. I think half of them are Russian bots. Yes, it’s a lot and I have never heard from most of them. Sometimes, when I’m really in the mood, I go in and delete a few hundred who are obviously fake. Usually, it’s pointless to bother. But about half of them are REALLY followers. The rest? Who knows?

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  1. And you — all of you thick-headed, non-reading, no-research jerks — are doing it to all of us. …. and that, dear reader, is the problem – THEY DO NOT READ…..
    Sad, true, terrible truth – Thank you for standing up again and again for all the people who do their job without fail even when all they convey are ‘fake news’ in the eyes of those too blind to see, too lazy to read, too stupid to think….

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    1. What really galls me are how so many people who used to have a modicum of intelligence manage to fall for this crap. They are smart enough to figure out what the truth is, but they are too lazy to bother. They also don’t vote, but they sure do complain about whoever gets voted FOR.

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      1. My son has several friends who never bother to vote. Either they think their vote ultimately won’t count (especially Democrats living in a Red state and vice versa) because the Electoral College is winner take all, or they don’t see much difference between the candidates. There are a lot of intelligent, liberal people out there who aren’t voting. We need to rally the troops and get the vote out for the 2018 midterms!!


    1. I would say they live in a fantasy world of gullible naivete and magical thinking. When I read about people in small towns in Alabama, for example, it’s scary the weird stuff they believe. But those beliefs are what led them to Trump.

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  2. I think that for the shallow ones news has been overtaken by the cult of personality. Their opinions are formed by the news commentator, not the facts. It’s all “Andrew Bolt” (conservative commentator) said this ” or “Kochie” said that on Sunrise. As most of our media is part of the Murdoch empire you can imagine. I just want to hear the news, this happened and this person said or did this without the opinions thrown in.


    1. Basically, they listen and believe. They COULD check to see if what they are hearing is true. The facts exist. They don’t look, they don’t check. They don’t CARE whether or not it’s true. And if they don’t care, then they are doomed and quite probably, so are the rest of us.


  3. This should be on the front page of a few national newspapers. Why are there so many dunderheads? Why do people follow Trump like followers of a Cult? How stupid are they to be brainwashed by his lies?
    There is another superb piece of writing I came across, also this morning, from Gordon C Stewart. You may have seen it already: deception/
    The Psalmist knew a thing or two!


    1. I recently read a rather long article pointing out that it really isn’t brainwashing. People make bad decisions and find it hard to get out of the situation in which they got themselves — but nobody brainwashed anyone. They just made stupid choices.


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