Word Prompt: Serendipity

For six and a half years, Serendipity was the name of this blog. One day WordPress decided the money I pay per wasn’t enough to protect the title of my blog and for months, we disappeared.

Eventually, I had to come up with a “more unique name” so readers could find us.  Three (four? five?) months later, now we are “Serendipity – Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth” and the only way you will find all of my 8,000 posts is by using at least half of the full annoyingly long title — or the name of whoever posted it.

A few years ago, a few more people started writing for the blog and now, we are five. Right now, Garry isn’t writing much because he’s between surgery and techno-hearing-headgear and just hasn’t felt like it, but usually, he does write. Intermittently, by mood.

Rich Paschall – in France

Rich Paschall has been writing, always on Sunday, but sometimes other days. Now that he is retiring, I expect to hear more from him. He has also been an incredible help to me when I’ve been out sick for long periods of time, especially when I was in for, then recovering from, a massive amount of heart surgery.

I don’t know if this site would have survived without his assistance and I will always be deeply grateful for his caring and concern, even though we’ve never personally met. I keep hoping one of these days, we will meet!

Tom Curley in performance

Friends Ellin and Tom Curley — well, we’ve been friends a long time. Tom, and Garry and I all worked at the same college radio station and Ellin is the wife Tom always needed but didn’t know until they met. I love happy marriages!

Ellin Curley

Tom writes when his personal lightning hits while Ellin is a loyal, regular writer and is beginning to get the hang of photography as another way of writing the story.

All of us have a lot to say.

Garry talks about his life as a TV news reporter and all the people he met along the way. Tom talks about his life and views as a TV director, producer, and engineer. Not to mention his post TV life doing Audio theater — of which Ellin is also a major component.

Garry Armstrong

Everyone has a LOT to say about the political world, mostly not very good stuff, but that’s the way it is these days.

“Serendipity is defined as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” – Dictionary Definition.

Basically, life is all serendipity. I started this site 6-1/2 years ago and have garnered more than 700,000 (closing rapidly on 800,000) views from almost every country on the planet. And still, I see a frightful lack of intelligent life on Earth.

Stupidity is exploding at an unsustainable rate. I thought we had reached epic levels of stupid, but there’s just no stopping it.

Marilyn Armstrong

Watching Jim Jeffries last night “interviewing” the Q people who also appear to be “flat world” believers … and believe Hillary Clinton kills babies for their blood. All of which beliefs are based on zero evidence. None of these bizarre “humans” think “proof” or “evidence” is important. Stupidity reigneth.

When you witness that sort of thing, not only do you get a splitting headache, but you realize seeking intelligent life on Earth may be a futile effort. To seek, yet never find.

There is no intelligent life on Earth. We are like Arthur’s knights seeking a Grail that never got to Britain and possibly never existed. Yet we seek it.

Serendipity? Well, there are two reasons for it as this blog’s title.

First, there is a lovely chocolate shop in Manhattan named “Serendipity.” They serve an iced chocolate that is to die for. When I was a teener, it was the place to be, the coolest place in the big city. It continues to exist and I’m betting it’s still the place to be, especially if you live in New York, are young, and looking for life.

The other reason is more obvious. Life is serendipity. You go looking for one thing, you find something else. While you are “settling for that other thing,” you discover you like it more than whatever you were looking for.

We are born. Have no idea who we are or what we will be. We never really know who we are or what we will be. We make choices, but they don’t work out or they work for a while and then everything changes. We live utterly different lives than our “plans.”

Because life isn’t something to be planned.
It’s life. It just is.

36 thoughts on “WORD PROMPT: SERENDIPITY ARE US – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. And you overlooked the key component to your version of Serendipity (IMHO anyway)…YOU. Marilyn Armstrong. The heart and soul of Serendipity in all it’s incarnations. Always excellent photos to view, funny and insightful blogs about life, cars, chronic illness, dogs, owning a home (not just a house), life and faith. Marilyn, to me? IS ‘Serendipity” and proves there is still some intelligent life out there…if one is bright enough to see it. The rest of the bloggers whom you mention certainly add their unique flavors, but again, IMHO, it’s YOU that the followers seek.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. Gosh, that was REALLY nice to hear! Thank you again and again. I enjoy you, too, you know. I don’t try to follow everyone anymore. I ran out of steam, but you THINK. Those who think are such a rarity in today’s human race.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Marilyn, a very nice explainer of “Serendipity” and its major contributors. You’ve opened the door for many of us to share our thoughts, feelings and memories. Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Your post reminds me of the line from John Lennon’s song “Beautiful Boy” – Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. And on the political scene, today is a good Serendipity day!!

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  3. Ever wishing all the best to Serendipity and all who ‘sail’ in her. We need to know that some people still think. And we often need to be poked into thinking. Your comments about stupidity echo entirely the conversation we were having this lunchtime with our good US Buffalo chums, Jack and Kathy. Like you, they are appalled and alarmed at the depths of ignorance plus the all round ‘hate’ that is being stirred up. Fertile ground for the far right when narcissistic demagogues are on the rampage.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I could be wrong, but I think hate and stupidity are like ye olde horse and cart. They seem to travel together. Who could believe all that crap without also being dim-witted?

      Maybe it’s not JUST stupidity. Also, possibly, the unwillingness to think for oneself. Everyone wants ideas pre-packaged. Just pull off the cellophane and inside are all the ideas you will ever need. That kind of stupidity doesn’t require a low IQ — just an unwillingness to examine ideas for real meaning.

      Don’t you love people who talk in FB memes?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. There’s also fear of being seen think differently within a peer group or community. I think that’s quite a powerful force for cultivating dim-wittery. Are you with us or against us kind of manipulation.


  4. Serendipity is how Peter would describe his scientific research. He do an experiment with a certain goal in mind then this often would lead to something else.


      1. ,,,, when this happens (mostly to my Hero Husband), I always say (to his great annoyance): Have you checked the bread bin and the freezer?….. In all our life we search for stuff and find something else – that’s why my house is often looking like a bomb-site. 1001 things begun and none terminated…. (presently I’m commenting on your blog instead of hanging up the washing, ironing the 10 shirts HH needs urgently next week, cleaning the ‘upstairs’ and preparing the room for my weekend guests arriving tomorrow eve)


  5. I might have been drawn to your blog because Serendipity is one of my (many) favourite words in the English language. It’s difficult to translate and I have a distinct feeling when I use it. ANYBODY choosing this word for ‘anything’ is in my favours….
    And your blog has brought me endless joy, food for thoughts, your contributors are all first class too, you are an intelligent, honest, sometimes brutal but always always HONEST human beings – and this is reason for celebration on its own.
    But NOW I really must – I have work to do!
    Thank you all – and thank you for this introduction. Rich, where do you live? I’m glad you don’t insist that we write in French…. after 10+yrs here I still prefer to converse in English (and that’s not my mother tongue either).


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