FOWC with Fandango — Ingenuity

Today or maybe tomorrow if I have the energy, I have to try to explain to UMass that if Blue Cross says I don’t owe money, I don’t owe the money. That is the theory and supposedly, that’s the legal way it works. If I know this is the law, I’m pretty sure so does UMass.

They are not allowed to “charge the balance” to us. When you are on Medicare, all that “leftover money” is a write-off. I know it makes hospitals unhappy, but that is how it works.

This will be an amazing trick of ingenuity and I’m not sure I have the strength of character to do it today.

In fact, I’m sure I don’t.


I’m too tired now.

35 thoughts on “INGENUITY: ARGUING FINANCE WHEN MONEY IS GONE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Two hundred dollars is probably not a lot to a doctor but it is to people on a tiny fixed income. They probably will back off but it should never have arisen in the first place.


  2. I have only once had a problem with billing from any hospital, and when I did, I contacted BlueCross. The woman there was amazingly good natured about the whole thing and explained that no matter what the hospital said, we did NOT owe four figures for anything. And to call her back if there was a problem.
    There was, and I did. She said, quite firmly, ‘I’ll take care of it.” and she did.

    My one suspicion about itemized billing is that much of it reads like padding. The last bill we recieved had an item called ‘topical insertion of intravenous needle” and it was several hundred dollars just to stick an IV into a vein.


    • This is that kind of thing. I understand that Medicare doesn’t pay what they want to get, but that’s the way it is. BC is REALLY good with service. They are the absolute best of the medical care companies, possibly because it’s the only thing they do. They aren’t part of some huge insurance company.


    • Hospitals have an overhead and they bill to meet it. The individual charges generally make little sense and come from nowhere. They just hope to be paid and that it will add up at the of the year and they will come out with enough to cover the overhead.


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