Share Your World – August 27, 2018

Is summer almost over? How did this happen? I’m not ready. Hold back the snow … I’M NOT READY!

Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts?

Do I like to put nuts in my food?

Not unless the recipe calls for nuts and to be fair, other than pine nuts, I can’t think of a recipe that requires nuts. This is not to say I don’t like nuts. I particularly love cashews (though someone assured me cashews are really a fruit, but they sure do crunch like a nut).

This kind of peanut?

And then there are pistachios. There was a time, when I lived in New York with my first husband, when we found a place in lower Manhattan where they sold five pounds of in-the-shell pistachios (with green tint or not) for $10. We would take them home and eat all five pounds of them in a day or two.

My fingernails would be sore from prying open pistachios. The were empty shells everywhere, too. Behind every sofa cushion on in every corner, nut shells.

Can you overdose on pistachios? I’m pretty sure you can’t because if you could, I’d have already done it.

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

Until people started asking this question online, I never thought about it. If they were open, that was okay. Closed? That was okay too. I don’t have a thing about it. I don’t care.

Open closet

I never thought demons were hiding in my closet. Unless you count my father, of course.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

I was always early and Garry was always late. These days, we are almost always slightly early, depending on traffic.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? 

We got a new-er car. I’m still tickled pink about it. Or, in this case, tickled Orange Crush.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

33 thoughts on “TIME TO SHARE MY WORLD AS AUGUST ENDS – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. It is nice to see a brightly coloured car. Naomi and I were commenting the other day that most new cars seem to be white, or a shade of grey with just a smattering of blues and burgundy’s. We were lucky that day as we saw a scarlet Jaguar and another car, a Holden I think, in metallic gold which made a nice change.

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      1. Looks like we’re back to the future, car color wise. My ’69 Dodge Challenger rag top is beaming down from Car Heaven. Our Renegade (love the name) will be easy to spot in parking lots filled with Black and Gray cars.

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  2. I love brownies with just about any kind of nuts in them. Walnuts are the most popular…. but I found out the hard way that if I eat too many walnuts (And when I used to make my own brownies, I ate half the pan at one time…. yes, I’m a pig), I break out in nasty hives. So I started substituting crushed peanuts in the brownies… which I can eat until I puke with no problem. They weren’t bad, but not as good as the walnuts….

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    1. The taste is pretty different. I’m surprised at how many people are allergic to or otherwise have some problem, with nuts. I also learned that I cannot eat more than 1 pound of pistachios at a sitting, but I’m pretty sure that’s a volume issue. Garry’s not supposed to eat them. Diverticulitis, but he sneaks in a few here and there anyway.

      I have eaten whole pans of brownies and so has Garry. I think you will find many people who have done so. I don’t think I could now. It would probably kill me, all that sugar, but ah, back in the day …

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  3. Such a nice vehicle too! 😀 I love pistachios. And the other day, while shopping in my local grocery store, I saw they now offer pistachios WITHOUT SHELLS. You can buy a whole bag of pistachios and just enjoy…no work required. Hmmm. 😛

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    1. I fear them. I just can’t stop eating them! I notice everyone is selling them already shelled which makes eating too many of them SO much easier. I least you had to slow down to battle the shells before. Now, you can just scoop them up by the handful!

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  4. We were sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Tel Aviv eating pistachios while waiting for a taxis. Peter would take the nuts that wouldn’t come out of the shell and put them under the coffee table leg and gave it a bang. Voila he got the nut opened. I couldn’t stop laughing….one of those odd memories.

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    1. Would that have been the mid-1980s? The whole thing where Israel took stuff up to Iran? They came back with planes LOADED with pistachio nuts, so while the US was going through a whole hysteria with Irangate, we were getting cheap pistachio nuts.

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        1. Leslie, I am surprised Peter didn’t start ANOTHER war with that pistachio nut incident. I can see and hear Wolf Blitzer — ‘Breaking News from Tel AVIV; American tourist ignites new terror with Pistachio Nuts —. We’ll have details — in the Situation Room.”

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    1. I can’t believe we’re coming up to Memorial. This whole summer has been hot and rush, rush, rush. Getting Garry ready for surgery, surgery, followup, more followup, another followup day after tomorrow and somewhere in there we also had out of town company AND we bought a car. Garry commented that he feels he ought to be celebrating the car, but there’s so much going on, we haven’t had time! And it is SO hot down here. And HUMID. I don’t so much mind the heat, but the humidity makes it hard to breathe.

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      1. The oppressive humidity finally broke here late this morning… Hurray! It’s been an unusually humid summer here in Maine too. My sister was here from TX for a glorious two weeks this month. We hadn’t been together for sister time in 20 years–so despite the humidity, we had a wonderful time. Now it’s getting the garden in and after that I plan to take a month or so off to get to work on reading/reviewing and finishing up MY MAINE (haiku)… Will be online to check emails and do the essentials only. I feel like I need a vacation. Have a great Labor Day and enjoy what little we have left of summer. ❤ Sending lots of love to you and Garry… xoxo

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        1. I still can’t believe summer is ending. I don’t feel like it ever arrived!

          My garden is a mess and I keep hoping I’ll get a decent day that isn’t 100 degrees so I can do a few things before it suddenly turns cold!

          Lots of love to you too. The weather has been pretty strange, so it’s hard to guess what winter will bring. Maybe it’ll be an easy one. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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          1. Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a long, bitter, snowy winter for the Northeast… Sure hope they’ve messed up big time! By the way, Dan and I spotted a woolly bear caterpillar in June–it was all brown except for a black tip–never ever saw one that looked like that. Cool and sunny today, but they say the humidity is coming back on Sunday. Our gardens are a mess and we’re getting too old and tired to keep them in shape…some of those weedy blooms are gorgeous and the pollinators seem to love them. Guess there’s a upside to it all. 🙂 Have a great weekend! xoxoxo


          1. What seatbelt…you haven’t let me a ride in your gorgeous new vehicle yet! We’re still rolling along in our 2002 Cavalier, aka The Rust Bucket. Dan says, the old gal will outlive us–I’m not laughing. Enjoy those bright new wheels. 🙂


  5. Baklava with pistachios is a must! otherwise it is just not baklava. brownies and chocolate chip cookies should not have nuts. Almond paste is a gift from the gods. I love the orange car! I used to hate the color orange, but in a color design class in college one of the assignments was to choose your two favorite colors and a color you hate to paint something. The result was stunning and I now LOVE the color orange. I’m even writing a book about orange string….
    Hate that summer is ending, I can’t quite get out of vacation mode, even when the work is pilling in. Just got text messages with Messiah rehearsal schedule, seems to early for “rejoicing greatly”. love this post. I love sleeping with closet doors open, just to see if something comes out. Also, the air ducts run through there and it helps with temperature regulation.

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    1. Typos are us. Not to worry. I have three different spell and grammar checkers and I STILL have typos. I actually like orange but I didn’t know it until I realized how many orange sweaters I owned and how many orange dresses and blouses. I sleep with the doors open when I forget to close them because I really don’t worry about them. They are just places to put the clothing and other stuff.

      Chocolate chip cookies with nuts are something else, but definitely NOT true chocolate chip cookies.

      I’m in favor of EVERYTHING with pistachios!


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