I’ve been living in a New England rain forest. This means that mostly, I’ve been shooting what is easy to get to, namely the birds who visit my feeder and my plants. Birds and buds. And it looks like that’s pretty much all we are going to have in the foreseeable future.

More rain, so more birds and buds.

If I ever get outside again, something else may come up,ย  but meanwhile, the buds have it.

The buds waiting to bloom

20 thoughts on “WAITING TO BLOOM: A SQUARE FOR BECKYB #1 – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. We have warm weather here compared to you. Today was in the upper 50s, but yesterday 70. Ha. It is on a table by the windows. Iโ€™m thinking of hanging it in a plant hanger, then direct sun wonโ€™t get it. Do you recommend that? Iโ€™ll have to take a photo.


        1. I think intense sun might burn it, but it’s a cactus, so you never know. I’d look it up online before you decide. Mine have always done well in mixed bright light with a little sunshine. But then again, it’s been raining most days here, so this isn’t a normal year.

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        1. There’s not enough light for them here, not in the winter, anyway. They’d probably be okay, outside in the summer, but inside? It’s just dark and they literally fall apart. I did fine with them in other, sunnier houses, but not here.


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