COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP Tuesday: Rain

Yesterday, when Garry was getting his ears tested, he commented that the sound of the rain was really bothering him. It was so LOUD.

The wet and rainy ride to vote

The audiologist said that it was bothering everybody, that she didn’t ever remember so much heavy rain, so continuously. I said that I thought that something was wrong with the house, that suddenly there was so much noise until I realized that a cloud had broken open and all the rain in the heavens was pouring down on our roof.

We have now had more than 20 inches of rain sing fall began and it’s not over yet unless it gets cold enough to be snow and that’s an even more formidable — if less noisy — weather pattern to contemplate. Last year, we got three blizzards in two weeks. That isn’t normal. One blizzard … maybe two … in a season is normal. Three in two weeks? Really?

Say what you want about climate change, I don’t think we are waiting for it. I think it’s here. This is the “new” weather. Unpredictable. Even our sharpest, smartest meteorologists no longer are able to give a reasonably definite forecast for as much as a day or two ahead.

It might rain. It might snow. It should get colder, but maybe not. Wind? Possibly but maybe only on the Cape or further north. They really aren’t sure because weather patterns are not doing what they always did before. We could (more or less) predict weather because it followed known patterns based on the seasons.

We aren’t even getting all the seasons now. Spring was never big here in New England, but now we aren’t getting autumn either and that is a serious loss. It didn’t ever last long enough, but it was the best weather of the year and certainly the most beautiful.

And just for thwarting, this was our trip to Connecticut. I don’t have any graphic software here so … this is just the way it looked through the front window …

No more predictability. While (overall) the world is getting hotter, the wild swings of weather mean that you may get hotter summers, but you also get buried in snow and ice at the other end of the cycle. Climate change isn’t one thing. It’s everything.

It doesn’t merely rain. It pours. We don’t get breezes. We get violent wind storms. Weekly or even more often. There’s no more “rarely” in weather. Everything is ramped up. It’s super snowmageddon or violent tides. Floods, drought, fire, mudslides. Everything is the biggest, worst of its kind until the next one which is even worse.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

It won’t get better unless we fix it and I’m not sure we will fix it. How do you get all of humanity and its governments united on saving their planet? How can you get so many people to agree on anything? Ever?

Our exterminator was here today. He assured me if blow ourselves up, the only living thing on earth will be cockroaches. That didn’t make me feel better at all.

21 thoughts on “COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I know there have always been extreme weather events but it seems like they are more frequent now and more intense. I’m worried though because even if we stopped doing all the bad stuff tomorrow I’m not sure that will be enough. I sure hope there is no such thing as reincarnation because once I’m gone I don’t think I want to come back.

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  2. Any weather we get in So Cal is considered ‘extreme’ these days! Tomorrow we move into the third rainstorm in a month — it, too, will be extreme, comparatively, but hopefully not enough to cause mudslides!


    • It used to be just the west coast, but now, it really IS everywhere. Where it isn’t burning down, it’s flooding or freezing … or dry as dust and just waiting for a lit match or an electrical glitch.


  3. Cockroaches… husband taps them with a shoe and says, ‘He’s dead.” I say, ‘Give me that thing” and beat the living hell out of the roach. And still his antenna quiver. Those things will not die. Believe your exterminator.


    • We don’t have cockroaches, but we have had an AWFUL lot of ants and puff bugs and stink bugs and a few other nameless things I try not to think about. It’s the payback for living in the woods. He pointed out if we lived in the city, we WOULD have roaches because whole buildings are infested and unless the building gets treated … every INCH of it … the roaches live on and on and will live on, even following a nuclear holocaust.

      And he also mentioned that if we lived in the city, we’d have rats rather than mice and rats are a real bummer. I believed him.


    • A lot of our native plants didn’t make it this year. You had the fire, we had neverending rain which I’m pretty sure is about to be replaced by neverending snow. I’m not feeling optimistic about our ability to fix the mess we’ve made. We are SO much better at make messes than at cleaning them up.


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