Weekly Word Prompt: Flu Shot

Flu shot as a prompt? Don’t take this the wrong way because I am very much in favor of flu shots, but it sounds like a public service announcement. Still, I don’t mind being a public service announcer.

Since we started getting flu shots every year, we haven’t gotten the flu. Not once. It doesn’t mean I don’t get sick with other stuff, but not the flu.

Don’t forget your flu shot …

Actually, I tell everyone to get the flu shot because the flu is not your everyday cold. It’s a big deal that even if you are young and healthy, will keep you out of work for a couple of weeks and has a knack for becoming the gateway for pneumonia and other breathing problems. And it really makes you feel like holy hell.

So I’m all for it.

We get flu shots every September and with the except of one year when there was another flu going around — yes, they are human and don’t always get it 100% right, but they do pretty well.

Now, all we need are people who don’t believe the anti-vaxxers more than they believe in science and doctors and we are home free!

18 thoughts on “IS THIS A BLOG OR A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Not really a public service announcement Marilyn. I think many folks assume that the only time to get their ionization is in the October to November stretch. But it is never to late to get it even now. Stay well. Be safe. 🙂

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  2. Haha, Public Service Announcement, that is funny Marilyn and you’re right it does sounds like one.
    As a prompt it worked well on my own blog at Nan’s Farm and promoted a fair bit of discussion on the subject.

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    • Some people don’t get sick. It depends on where you live, for one thing. If you live in New York or Boston — or L.A. — you WILL get the flu. But not necessarily in a small town in Switzerland. And some people don’t pick it up. Even if a massive plague hit the earth, not everyone would die. Some people would be inherently protected against it.

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      • Yes, that is true it’s just the way we’re made. I’ve had the flu three times in my life, the last time was this past autumn immediately before the flu season kicked off. I was ill for weeks.

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  3. I agree — I get a flu shot every September or October! I’ve also had both versions of the pneumonia shot. This year I also got the first installment of the new Shingles shot — it’s hard to find, and I had to sit on a waiting list for a couple of months for the second installment (due 2-6 months after the fist). I have found that the shots, along with common sense, have been very protective!


      • I have my fingers crossed as I say this, but, we haven’t been sick with either cold or flu for years and we don’t get the flu shots.


        • You are lucky. But also, some places are worse than others. Boston and New York — and L.A. and S.F. as well as Chicago and some other large cities tend to be centers for flu and pneumonia. And some people are less likely than others to pick it up. Garry and I got it EVERY year. Now that we get flu shots, no one has the flu so probably, even without shots, we’d be less likely to pick it up. But note that measles are seriously back. Vaccinations matter.

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          • I had the measles (both German and red) mumps etc. when I was very young. So that would provide me with natural immunity to those bugs. I’ve also had a number of influenzas when the kids were bring that home. Perhaps we’ve been exposed to most of that stuff already. Hopefully that will tide us through…


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