HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP Tuesday: Garden

I used to be a more enthusiastic gardener but my outdoor gardening days have become pretty limited. I manage to get into the garden once a year and clip everything back and pull out all the dead stuff from the previous year, but that’s pretty much “it” for me.

I love my indoor garden. It’s not huge, but it’s pretty and I can manage it … which is a powerful reason to love it. I look daily at my soon-to-be blooming Christmas cactus and the shoot of upcoming orchids.



One macro orchid

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  1. good nice

    On Wed, 20 Feb, 2019 4:29 am Serendipity – Seeking Intelligent Life


  2. My friends and I have amaryllis that are either blooming or about to bloom. They didn’t know they were supposed to bloom at Christmas, I guess! And I agree. My indoor garden probably succeeds mostly because I seldom pay attention to it. 🙂


  3. Now, those are beautiful blooms, and I’m guessing they perk the place right up during this cold, dreary February. 🙂


  4. Gorgeous! The only orchids I find are the wild ones while bush walking.


    • Garry got these as a birthday gift. He’s not much of a flower guy, or more to the point gardening isn’t him. So I took care of them and the bloomed again a few months ago and look like they are planning on another bloom. If you buy some, just make sure they are in a bright, but not always sunny place and ONLY water them when they are dry. If they like the light and you don’t overwater them, they will bloom repeatedly. I was thrilled.

      Also, when you don’t know what you are doing — and we ALL don’t know when we are starting out — ASK a lot of questions. Like “What kind of pot does this need?” “Can you fill it with the right soil?” “Is it a succulent (does it store water in leaves or roots or stems) or any kind of cactus?”

      If you are talking to someone who doesn’t actually know anything (there are plenty of them everywhere), ask to talk to someone who knows about orchids.

      Most plants are pretty easy. They need light, a minimum amount of water for their needs (your ferns need constant light moisture, which is exactly the opposite of orchids and any kind of cactus or succulent). Very few plants do well alone. My mother told me that plants talk to each other and it seems that a group of plants always does better than just one alone. I have never heard plants talk but why not?

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      • I bet you were. I’ve never had success with orchids but will take your tips on board! They are beautiful flowers, aren’t they!


        • I keep telling everyone — MOST indoor plants die from overwatering or not enough light — or worst of all, both.

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        • They just need the right kind of dirt (sandy, not rich, lost of loose moss), good light (east seems to work well … it’s never a bad time to figure out what directions your windows face since most of us don’t actually know). Ours is catty-corner, so our east windows actually face more or less northeast, but more east than north. When I was building the teepee, I needed the door to face due east and I actually had to buy a small compass, the kind boy and girl scouts have. It was actually pretty useful. Cheap, too. I think you can get them for a dollar at any Army-Navy store — or Walmart.

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          • I just know east and west (because of my love of photographing sunrise and sunsets!). Thank you for your tips. I’ve had the ferns for four weeks now and haven’t killed them …. yet!


  5. I think I have two upcoming buds on my orchid although no new stalk, Just appearing on the old stalk, that will be a first time for me.


  6. Your orchids and cactus are lovely. I am not much of a gardener although I love flowers. I like bulbs although I need a kneeling frame to get up from planting them roses which I can still manage to prune.


  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely!


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