14 thoughts on “PURPLE HAZE! – Marilyn Armstrong

    • There were stacks of “jam tapes” in the basement of the studio, I worked in, that remained there for quite a while after his passing. I’m not sure of the details but there were rumors that some of them had been acquired and mixes attempted, which may account for some of what you have. The other possibility, and I’m just speculating, is that he had reference stereo monitor mixes, from those sessions, which were discovered after his death and mysteriously circulated. Some of the “bootlegs” you refer to possibly came from illegal (or otherwise) live concert recordings. Never the less “it is what it is.”

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      • Lots of “Official” music has been released by his estate, some engineered by Eddie Kramer. Yes the bootlegs were of live concerts. I have a really bad pressing of a jam in a club with Stephen Stills Randy Zerringer? Jim Morrison and Jimi


      • OK, Here’s one of MY celeb stories. I worked at a studio in NYC where Jimi had booked a bunch of “jam time” We all took turns babysitting those sessions where Mr. Hendrix was experimenting with new stuff. Although it was against studio policy, Jimi was one of the very few artist that we allowed to sit at the console and try new ways of mixing his material. He was a gentle soul, very soft spoken with an entourage of freaks following him around. Of course, this all took place after he returned from the UK where he had to go to be recognized for the genius that he was. It was assumed here, in the US, that a black musician could not possibly be any good at rock, only R & B and jazz. He proved them wrong and then Michael Jackson took it to new heights, later, as “The King of Pop.” I lent him an electric bass I kept at the studio which he offered to buy.., it wasn’t for sale.

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        • Ben, great celeb story. I betcha you have a TON of them! You should write YOUR stories while you still remember them. I’m beginning to lose track. I was telling Ron and Cherrie Welburn a Deborah Kerr story and Marilyn chimed in “I was there!”. I didn’t remember that. I didn’t remember spending a day with Paul Newman until an old friend reminded me. You really should write your pieces. Write just the way you talk. Marilyn says she’ll edit –basic punctuation and grammar (No content change) if you start writing pieces. I’d be very interested and I’m sure others will be. The Jimmy Cagney piece I recently did still has “legs”. People apparently like this stuff.
          I know my Brother, Billy, would be a VERY interested. He was a big fan of some of those musicians.
          I hope all’s well.



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