FOWC with Fandango β€” Prone

I had other plans for the day … and then I saw that the Mueller Report – redactions and all — was out. While I was prone to go grocery shopping, this changed everything for me. Garry is reading it. I am reading it.

If you have the time, read at least the first 8 pages (after the table of contents which, unfortunately, it not live). You’ll need to do a lot of scrolling and you might want to enlarge the type because it’s really tiny.

Redactions and all, it may not show Trump as an intentional criminal. It does show him as an incredible fool and about as “ready” to be president as my dog Duke.

Come to think of it, I believe Duke would make a much better president.

I also have a funny feeling that our government is going after social media, especially Google, Facebook, and Instagram … but WordPress played a big role in this mess, too. Read as much of it as you can. It’s heavy-duty stuff, so you are going to want to do it in pieces.

After you read pieces of it, you will find yourself prone and unable to breathe.

Holy moly! What a mess!

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  1. And Don Jr is not the sharpest crayon in the box. Surprise, surprise.


  2. This is going to take some time….


  3. How old is Duke? In dog years, of course. Maybe we can get him to challenge Trump in the primaries πŸ˜‰


    • He’s a kid, just barely turning 3-ish (I could look it up, but I’m too lazy to get up and search my desk). Actually, he was an egg in 2015 and was born in 2016 (late). But unlike Trump, HE can jump fences, isn’t overweight, and while he can’t play golf, I bet he’d make a great outfielder for any MLB team. He also knows to NOT to run into traffic, which clearly makes him MUCH smarter than “the prez.”

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  4. I need time to digest it, and I’m assuming it will give me a bad case of indigestion.


    • I think it will tell you what it told us — that Trump is more of a dupe (dope) than an intentional criminal and I suspect “details” of dirty deeds were intentionally kept from him to allow plausible deniability (love that phrase!) … and that a lot of MISSING information probably contained stuff we really should know, but never will.

      Finally — here’s my serious guess — I think the FBI and courts are going after social media. Just based on where the biggest redactions occurred, I’m betting you are going to see Facebook, Instagram, Gooogle, and WordPress in court — ESPECIALLY Facebook, but there are NO innocent parties in this. Facebook did it for money, but everyone played a part and I think we are going to see a serious change in social media and I’m hoping we might just see them cracked open like eggs prior to the making of omelets.

      And there are a lot of things in court, too. How this will affect the election? Garry is afraid we’ll wind up with more Trump because the Dems are not getting it together. I think it’s early and we should not give up quite yet.

      There’s a lot to read — the lines and between the lines. Actually, the appendices are REALLY interesting.

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  5. There was something on our Swiss news but I cannot stand Trump, cannot stand hearing his voice and so I decided not to listen or look. I did not want to spoil my evening.


  6. I could’ve told you Duke would be a better candidate back in 2015. πŸ˜ƒ

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