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FOWC with Fandango — Movement

Yesterday, it was warm, bright, sunny and just a little bit humid. I was under the impression it was Thursday, but I woke up today and realized today is Saturday. The rain I thought was at least 24-hours away is already closing in.

Just yesterday, all bud and no daylilies.

It was sunny when I first woke up this morning. I saw no reason to get up at six in the morning, so I went back to bed and when I got up, the sun was gone. The sky was gray. The weather had moved on. But I looked out my kitchen window and I saw a bright daylily.

I was sure they would start to bloom soon. I thought they would bloom yesterday. Instead, they waited for today, so before I even got my coffee, I took myself outside to get some pictures. I think later it will rain and since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, too … well … today was my picture day.

Still more buds than flowers, but a very quick movement

Movement. Amazing the changes that can take place overnight. I’ve lived through a warm spring day and woken to a blizzard. I’ve watched the sun blaze all morning, watched the movement of the clouds as they cover the sky and the sun disappears. Then heard and seen the first fat drops fall on the deck. A complete movement of the weather, sometimes in as little as half an hour from bright summer day to gloomy grey and rain.

At least the flowers went — overnight — from buds to blossoms. More flowers are still in bud than are in bloom, but still, it’s a big change. Next week should be even better.

I’m counting on it.

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  1. It is amazing how fast the weather can change isn’t it? I’ll look forward to your garden blooming too.


  2. Hardy was like that. Blink and you’d miss the change in the weather. It could be sunny and then dark and grey and pour. Traditionally, there’s always been one day in May that rained, hailed, sleeted, snowed and sunned. Usually in that order and marked the beginning of the good weather! Here, it’s a bit different. For the first two years we had 80 90 and higher heat and it was constant. This year has been more like the weather I experienced here 40 years ago, cooler, spots of heat but nothing overdone as the past two years have been. I can handle this! lol


  3. What a wonderful beginning to the day


  4. Gorgeous Marilyn!


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